Public Speaking

Tomorrow is our Public Speaking elimination round! Please make sure you have your palm cards and have practiced!

Round 1 was so outstanding that my expectations are extremely high! You were all brilliant and I want to experience that again!


Class pet!

I think it’s time we get a new class pet since our beloved Pinchy went to heaven!if you have any ideas post a comment below this post! By the way I don’t do rats or mice, they freak me out!

Writer’s Festival

Please remember to ask your parents to read your story for the Writer’s Festival on the Literacy page and leave you a comment!

Hero or Villain?

For the past 5 weeks we have been studying bushrangers. They have both fascinated and baffled us, but we all agree life in Australia was hard in the times of bushranging and we can understand why some people chose this lifestyle.

Now there has been much debate between fellow classmates about the great Ned Kelly. Some of us believe that Ned was a villain through and through, killing police and stealing his way through life. On the other hand some of us believe that Ned was born into a life of crime and needed to steal to help his family after his father’s death, therefore making him a hero.

So what do you think, is Ned Kelly a hero or villain? 


Please leave us a post and let us know what you think and why….

Miss Ryan returns……

HI my lovelies,

Miss Ryan returns tomorrow and will finish Term 3 with us! We are very lucky to have her, so let’s make the most of her time with us. Also make sure we show her just how hard we can work and how much we have improved since she was with us last!

See you all tomorrow!

Miss B xo

Week 4

This week has been jam packed with activities and lots of fun. Starting off the week with St. Dominic’s Day, with cafes, a disco, our annual spooky tunnel and a fantastic photo booth. Not to forget Trash and Treasure and for those frightened from the spooky tunnel, the Happy Tent. After lunch, we enjoyed the police band’s fantastic skills.

As usual Mrs Gibson taught us on Tuesday, we enjoyed learning about myths and legends watching an example of King Arthur. We learnt that myths are stories that are usually not 100% true; they usually have supernatural things in them. Legends are stories that have people or animals that do not exist, for example; a unicorn or a centaur or maybe even Hercules. We also did some fascinating art, our replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower painting.

Wednesday started with Italian learning about our different origins. Afterwards we continued on our Ned Kelly information reports and later in the day we had library.

Thursday, we had sport in the morning with Mrs Gibson, replacing Mrs Owies, we played an exciting game of Pony Express. We also worked on our Ned Kelly information reports and we learnt the Four Pillars of Dominican life. They are Study, Common Life, Prayer and Service. We focused on Fractions in Maths, the Grade 5’s learning to add them with different denominators and the Grade 6’s were adding mixed number fractions. Some of our extremely talented mathematicians did BODMAS with fractions, which blew their minds!

On Friday, we had exhilarating games of Table Tennis for Sport. We followed on, finishing our maths and we watched two Literature Circles presentations, Dead Man’s Cove’s exciting performance, and Holes, the trailer for the book. We started rotations after play lunch, focusing on Scott Kneller with Mrs Wollheim, replacing Miss Baker. We had I.T with Mrs Gibson and learning about our topic with Mrs Collins, our old friend replacing Mr Gorman.

This week has been busy, with all the fun activities we did.

By Michaela and Georgia

St Dominic’s Day

On the 5th of August our school celebrated St Dominic’s Day. It was a fun day with lots of activities planned. St Dominic is our school saint. He was a great man who always wanted to help people in need.

The day began with a special Prayer Celebration in P2. We held it there because we blessed our new statue of Dominic Guzman. At the start we carried sunflowers, which are a symbol of St Dominic.

Next we did a buddy activity with 1/2 Cincotta. We made chocolate muffins with white choc-chips. This represents the black and white colours the Dominican brothers wore. It was very messy but  delicious at the same time. We really enjoyed being able to spend time with our buddies.

After recess all the classes prepared themselves for the serving communities festival. The festival raises money to donate to the poor, just like St Dominic did. 5/6 B and 5/6 G worked together and made the following activities; the sppoky tunnel, happy tent, raffle and guess the lollies in the jar and the photo booth. The spooky tunnel was the most popular activity because there was always a long line of children waiting to get in. Out of all the kids that went through the tunnel only four cried.

To end our day we were very lucky to listen to the Police band! They played loads of recent songs and got all the 5/6’s singing at the tops of their voices.

It was a fun and enjoyable day spent with parents and teachers. Happy St Dominic’s Day everyone!

By Ruby and Clarissa


St Dominic’s Day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Week 3

As we come to the end of yet another week I can’t help but think where is the time going? Before we know it Graduation will be upon us and a new school year. Luckily I still have plenty of time to spend with my beautiful class before I am forced to let them move on to bigger and better things!

I would like to start this week’s report by saying a huge thank-you to all the parents who have completed their ‘homework.’  You have no idea how engaging this has been for the students, which was further evident when I had a race between two boys as soon as the bell went Thursday morning to tell me what synonymous means, followed by numerous emails from other students. Not only are they building their vocabulary thanks to you, they are also wrapped to have you support them in their learning. Partnerships between students, parents and teachers are so important and our blog is one way we can keep you informed and involved in your child’s learning.

We had an amazing start to Week 3 with our excursion to Old Melbourne Gaol and the Treasury Building. The knowledge the students took away from both these places was phenomenal and made us realize how luckily we are to be living in Australia in the 21st century as opposed to the time of the bushrangers. We were able to really get a feel for what Ned Kelly must have gone through in his time in gaol and how hard it must have been. Our jaws dropped when we heard that the age of the youngest prisoner was 3 years of age and were even more shocked to hear that he had to work just like all the other prisoners!

In Maths this week we have focused on collecting and analysing data and equivalent fractions. A group of talented mathematicians are working on probably the hardest problem I have ever come across! It was given to me by the lovely Jacquie V a few months ago and I still haven’t solved it myself. I have passed it onto my father and he has passed it onto his friend who is a University Maths Professor and we still can’t get it! Well multiple heads are better than one and we are slowly working our way to a solution.

In Literacy, we have continued to practise our reading and writing skills through our research on bushrangers. We have begun to write an information report on Ned Kelly and have completed different reading tasks such as book responses to ‘Ned Kelly and the Green Sash,’ visual literacy comparing and contrasting photographs of Ned, puppet plays based on the Euroa robbery and many more. We have also been reading our current class novel ‘Ned Kelly’s Secret’ and are making connections to the book from what we have learnt so far about bushrangers.

Our Public Speaking Competition commenced and I was blown away at the preparation and delivery of the speeches in Round 1. No pressure now guys but you have to make your next speeches even better and keep up the good work!

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visit from our favourite Parish Priest, Father Paul who came to talk to us about St Dominic and being a Dominican. This was very helpful to those of us who have chosen to do their next Public Speaking speech on being a Dominican. Father Paul was impressed with the questions the students asked of him and really enjoyed spending time with them.

Well that pretty much sums up Week 3, it was extremely busy and plenty of learning has occurred. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I’m off for another weekend at the film festival! Four movies down, six to go….

Earn and Learn

Hi my lovelies,

Just wondering if you decided on a name for our country and street names for Earn and Learn today? If so can someone post a comment telling me what you all decided?

Also did anyone write our weekly update for our blog? I didn’t get an email from anyone?
I wrote all these instructions on the board! Please tell me someone read them!

Hope you all had a good Friday! Oh and I saw your ball artwork, looks awesome!

Miss B xo

Public Speaking- Round 1


Well I am still reeling from the outstanding performance of each and everyone of you in our fist round of Public Speaking!

I asked you to bring it and you did, I’m scared all of you will make it through to the finals at this rate! How could I choose only 8 finalists! Some of you have made an amazing improvement from last year and some of you are still new to this competition, but still did a fantastic job!

A few small tips for Round 2;

1. TIMING is everything. some of you lost massive marks today because you were too short of the 2 minute time requirement!

2. More expression please! Alter the tone of your voice to assist you to emphasise your main points.

3. Finally, get those conclusions sorted. In a conclusion you should restate your main points before ending with a great one liner!

Just so you all know I’ve been totally talking you up to Mrs C and Mr G, saying my class killed their Public speaking today. You should all be very proud of yourselves. You were honestly the best class I have judged in this competition, bring on round two!!!

Check out our top scorers to help you improve for the next round. Bianca was our top score for they day and we loved your speech, but unfortunately it was too big a file for our blog!





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