Spelling Activities!

Choose at least one spelling activity of your choice each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.


  • Highlight the key features in your words.
  • Find synonyms for each of your spelling words.
  • Look up the definitions of any words you do not know the meaning of.
  • Sort your spelling words into categories based on the similarities you can find between them
  • Break your spelling word up into syllables.
  • Act out your spelling words to make a silent video. See if your classmates can guess the words by watching the video.
  • Write each spelling word using a different colour.
  • Paint your spelling words using paint and a paintbrush on paper.
  • Look, Cover, Write Check
  • Use a whiteboard or chalkboard to write your words.
  • Write your spelling words on flashcards. Then choose one without looking and hold it on your forehead with the word showing. Ask a friend to give you clues to help you guess the word.
  • Write and perform a short skit or readers’ theatre that uses all of your spelling words.
  • Write your spelling words each on two separate flashcards. Mix them all up and turn them face-down on the table. Play the memory match game with them.
  • Go on a word hunt in your spelling words. Can you find any smaller words within your words?



Getting onto Google Drive at home

For those of you who would like to get onto your Google Drive hard at home – here are some instructions to help you:

  1. Go to Google

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.45.37 pm

2) Check to see if someone else is logged in. If they are, they must log out. (Check by looking in the top right hand corner – you can see in this picture that I am logged in because my photo is shown.)

3) Go to add account (you need to do this the first time you log onto the device)

Then you can log in using your email address as the user name and your password (YEAR 4’s-try single digits at the end, if this doesn’t work try doubling the digits at the end)


Now you should have access to your google drive and all of your documents and most importantly your digital portfolio.


If you have trouble let me know. :)

Oliver’s 100WC

I was walking along a wide road when I saw something weird.  Within the river was an orange crocodile! When it crawled up onto the bank it suddenly collapsed. I went over to it carefully. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it, so I put it into my 4WD Toyota and drove it to the best vet in town, Mr Meles. When I arrived Mr Meles said to me, “ Thank goodness! We have been looking for this crocodile. It has a rare disease. Take it to the rehab center now!” “ Good luck mate!”I said as he was taken away.

Greta’s 100WC

WOMBA WOMBA! That’s the traditional song from the WUBA WUBAS. If you didn’t know what WUBA WUBAS were well they are these strange creatures that live in the forest. Every year when they get new leaders they make a pot to represent them. This leader was a very  powerful leader, when his pot was made he put all his power into it. One day some giants came and tried to steal the pot. But because the WUBA WUBA leader and his power in his pot, the pot ate the giants, but could never eat there legs. Hundreds and hundreds of years have past and now the pot is displayed with the legs still hanging up.

Sophie’s 100WC

My mum was cooking in the kitchen and then I asked her a question so she turned around. She turned back around and the pot was gone! Where is the Pot??? Then mum and myself heard a  BANG! CRASH! Although we still didn’t know where it was. Then we heard a BANG! CRASH! Again! Then I turned around and there was my younger brother. That was suspicious. I got off my chair and saw my puppy. Even my puppy seemed suspicious! I walked around the suspects and there was no pot until…. I sat on the couch! It had been there all along!

Sophie’s 100WC

A girl called Sue was being babysat, and just before her parents left, they said they would be home 10:30pm. But where were they going? She couldn’t help wondering where they were going. Sue asked the babysitter if she knew where her parents were going, and she said no. After that she asked her older brother. He didn’t know either but Sue was determined to find out.Twenty minutes later she was told she had to go to bed. In the morning she woke and rushed to her parents room. She then asked them where they went, and to her surprise they had been county line dancing!


Rory’s 100WC

“Wee wom wu wobble wommy,” said the creepy green headed thing.

I told Mum.  “ An alien??” said Mum raising one eyebrow.

“Whatever!! It was just a dream,” I said as I left the table to get ready for school.

Later that day I told Mum about school, “The weirdest thing happened… An ALIEN CAME INTO OUR ROOM! It looked just like the one in my dream!” I told her as I stuffed spaghetti in my mouth “Oh! and it said Greetings humans of earth! To my very own face!” I shouted.

“Are you sure this wasn’t another dream?” said Mum.

Greta’s 100WC

BANG, CRASH, BOOM!!! “Wwwooowww that was a biggg crash!”

“My garden what happened to my beautiful garden?”

“Well hello human, it’s lovely to meet you, my name is Zemo and I’m from planet Zerplex.”

“Well it’s not nice to meet you, you wrecked my garden and by the way my name is Mr. Waltz.”

“Would you mind giving me a tour of of your town, Mr. Waltz?”

“Sure! You can meet my friends first.”


So then they went to Mr. Waltz’s town to see his friends.

“Zemo meet friends, friends meet Zemo.”

“…Greetings humans on Earth…”

“Welcome to Earth, nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

Paige’s 100WC

It’s Grace’s 10th birthday party.  It was a sunny and bright day to have a party at the park.  When everyone arrived she was so excited to see them.  While they were all playing in the playground her parents set up a Treasure Hunt, but where were they going to hide this.  Notes were left to give them clues to help the children to find the Treasure Chest.

Grace and her best friend Lola followed the clues very carefully and found the Treasure Chest in the long tunnel. In the chest was lots of jewellery and yummy treats for all the children.

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