Miss Baker in Florida

Hi 3/4 Baker,

You have nearly finished Term 2 and I’m sure you have continued to work hard whilst I’ve been away! I have been in Florida the last week, in Orlando and Miami. The weather is extremely hot and humid, so we have been swimming in the pool to cool down. We spent four days at theme parks, both Disneyland and Universal Studios which was amazing fun! The scariest ride was The Hulk, which is a huge roller coaster where you get shot out of a cannon and then loop around! We went on that three times!! We also went to Harry Potter world which was really cool, it looked just like the movies!

We needed a rest from all the rides so we went to Miami beach to spend some time relaxing. We went on a gator tour but it poured with rain, so we didn’t get to see any ☹. We also went to NASA and saw some space shuttles which were enormous! Next we are off to Washington DC to see the White House but hopefully not Donald Trump!


Miss B xx


Miss B in LA

Hello Everyone,

I’m having a great time in the USA so far. I have just spent four days in LA doing some sight seeing and shopping! The weather is beautiful and sunny which is such a nice change to Melbourne. Below are some photos of my trip so far! Hope you are all behaving for Mrs Collins!

Miss B xx


Patrick’s 100WC

Storm clouds rolled in from above and trees shook crazily from the wind. Then lightning struck! In the flash of lightning I saw a flicker of fire. Then some trees nearby burst into flames. A tree was heading down, about to land on my head. I ran, I ran as fast as I could because I was running for my life. As I was running I realised that I was getting surrounded by flames. Trees were toppling everywhere. I kept on running but I knew I was going to find my peril eventually. Then a helicopter came and saved me.

Getting onto Google at home to type your information report

For those of you who would like to get onto your Google Drive hard at home – here are some instructions to help you:

  1. Go to Google

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.45.37 pm

2) Check to see if someone else is logged in. If they are, they must log out. (Check by looking in the top right hand corner – you can see in this picture that I am logged in because my photo is shown.)

3) Go to add account (you need to do this the first time you log onto the device)

Then you can log in using your email address as the user name and your password (YEAR 4’s-try single digits at the end, if this doesn’t work try doubling the digits at the end)

Now you should have access to your google drive and all of your documents and most importantly your digital portfolio.


If you have trouble let me know. :)

Oliver’s 100WC

I was in my house on a regular Sunday morning, when this tiny little thing flew around the chandelier. At first I thought it was a moth, but then I realised it was a Fairy! It drifted down and used some sort of enchantment to tip the milk over my head. But how can something so tiny be so powerful? Just then I saw a small machine on the ground. I pressed a blue button and it opened a shiny portal! I quickly pushed the Fairy through it as I released the control. Now I should go change my clothes.

Curt’s 100WC

Wait what, did I just get a phone call from the NBA league saying that I am #1 draft pick and got drafted in the Cleveland Cavaliers? YES! USA, USA, USA! This is the best day. Oh yeah practise is today. When I got there I couldn’t believe how tiny Kyrie Irving was. I told my friends but I accidentally sent the text to my enemy. He replied “So, why do I care? Anyway how can someone so silly get into the NBA.” I just ignored him. I also nearly flipped out when I saw Lebron James.

Imogen’s 100WC

My little sister, Penelope, can sometimes be very cute especially when she hugs and cuddles me.  But a lot of the time she is very loud and annoying and I often ask myself “how can someone so tiny be so loud?” I am very surprised that she has so much energy because she’s only 5. She is always talking, chasing our dog Harvey and doing gymnastics around the house and I find it very annoying and tiring just watching her.  She wasn’t nearly as talkative when she was 3, so I think that she is making up for lost time.

Mindfulness Program-Week 4 Mindful Body Awareness

Through partner work and inclusivity, we dive into learning the value of fairness. Students were able to use their bodies to perform movement challenges with partners. Our class worked together to increase strength, stamina and balance. Students learned first hand that sometimes one person is stronger in one area than another and that is what makes us all unique. It is wonderful to know that students are directly applying the values they have learned.

The students also developed further body awareness through mindfulness activities. They focused on parts of their body individually and tried to notice any sensations they could feel. They also identified reasons why it is important to listen to their bodies. Noticing sensations allows us the awareness to understand our emotions and feelings.

Ask your child to describe some of the movements they created with their body. You might like to do some with your child. You could also ask them to do a ‘mindful minute’’ with you and practice noticing sensations in the body.

Olivia L’s 100WC

I used to be the fastest person in the world! I was even faster than Usain Bolt! I won everything, but I didn’t feel like I was challenged enough. I wasn’t challenged at all. It was boring winning races all the time. So I decided I would become the slowest person known to mankind.

I made a list of things to do:

  1. Stop training
  2. Eat junk food every day
  3. Spend all my time watching tv
  4. Take my time doing things

After following this plan for a whole year I became extremely slow.

So that is why I am always last.

Terumi’s 100WC

“Challenge accepted” I blurted before I could think. Everyone laughed and then all slumped off.

The next day I went to the challenge.

I did lunges all the way to the beginning and finish line.  

It looked like the whole school was here to watch me fail.

I was against Alana Holt the fastest girl in the school.

“On your mark ……… GO” boomed Jason the commentator.

We ran side by side until half way when Alana ran straight ahead of me.
She was the winner whilst I faced humiliation.

That’s why I always come last, scared of humiliation.

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