Terumi’s 100WC

“Mummy,” I whined to mum pulling her coat, “Can I go to the tiger?” Mum gave me a grave look.

“Why!” Mum said shocked, “Because they’ll eat you all up,” she exclaimed. Mum looked at the tiger cage.

“THE TIGER SHOW WILL START IN 5 MINUTES,” a voice boomed across the loudspeaker. “Mummy can we watch the tiger,?” I asked.

“Of course darling,” mum had to shout a little because everyone was starting to walk into the stands.

Mum looked around and screamed because the tiger was over the fence biting people.

We tried to get to the exit but the tiger was blocking our escape!

Olivia’s 100WC

“Come on, follow me. We need to leave our were going to die,” I shouted breathing intetly. Then a tiger jumped and the tiger was blocking our escape. Then I saw the strange people again so I slid under the tiger to make my escape and the others did the same. We got out and the tiger tried to follow us but it couldn’t because it didn’t like going outside. We ran to the safest spot as soon as possible and took a rest. After that we went home and decided to go back and try to get rid of the weird creature we saw.

Paddy’s 100WC

“Ok kids who is up for the zoo?” my mum said.

“NO WAY!” Sophie and I replied.

“Well you do not have a choice,” mum said.

“Well good luck I am not moving a muscle,”I said.

“No video games for a week if you do not come with us”.

Mum kept on saying to us that the tickets were really expensive, but I think it is just stupid. When we got there, there were tigers roaming freely and I was really scared. Then all of them got close and, the tiger was blocking the exit I was so scared!

Oliver’s 100WC

I was at the carnival on a Saturday morning when I heard a scream from the merry-go-round. The horses had somehow come alive! They ran off in twenty different directions. It seemed impossible to catch them but to my amazement, a man dressed in black came out of nowhere and started chasing the horses. No sooner had he started that he reappeared dragging a cage with seventeen of the horses. The last three ran towards the cafe where I was enjoying a hot chocolate.  He lassoed them and threw them into the cage. That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen!

The 13 Storey Treehouse by Jack

In the ’13 storey treehouse’ the two main characters are the author, Andy Griffiths and the illustrator, Terry Denton. They are friends and they live together in the treehouse and work together in the treehouse. They write funny stories and draw pictures.

Funnily enough this book  has 13 chapters with a different disaster happening in each chapter. My favourite chapter was the last one when Silky, Andy and Terry’s neighbour’s pet cat saves the day.  This is a great book for children to read but my Mum enjoyed it too!

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