July 16

Home Learning Tasks

Week 7 Term 4

Task 1

Please read each night for 15-20 minutes andΒ fill in your reading log for the week. Your Literature Circles book must be read by WEDNESDAY and reading log will be handed in on Friday Week 7.

Task 2

Please completeΒ fourΒ spelling activities by Friday Week 7.

List 1 List 2 List 3
outside stormcloud courageous
blackout ourselves permanent
lighthouse countdown transparent
houseboat playground malicious
faithful intelligent companion
devoted abundant colleague
sleepy uninhabited perilous
drowsy deserted treacherous
valiant polite destitute
heroic courteous bankrupt
decrease maximum professional
increase minimum amateur
temporary permanent opaque

Task 3

Please complete one your fraction worksheet.Β  This is due FRIDAY Week 6.


404 thoughts on “Home Learning Tasks

    1. Madie03

      I agree with Georgia you GRADE 5’s are terribly strange and you need to find a child friendly chat room or some thing.

      1. Me (The girl who is wickedly cool) (Maliana)

        This is a ‘blog’ for a reason. Year 6’s can write here as well you know.

      2. Isha

        True, I’m fine with ur randomness, and it is a BLOG. But if this is really annoying people, maybe Miss B should make a page especially for chatting. And in regards to Madie’s comment, HOW IS THIS NOT CHILD FRIENDLY?
        I mean dude, far out, this is a school related blog designed for kids to chat on.

        Sorry btw, really late reply

    1. Isha

      Ur Paris (I think)
      The only grade 5 who isn’t 11 yet… unless Mal and Chloe r still 10? I dunno.


      (β€’_β€’) <) )β•―

      'Cause I just wanna copy and paste / \ (β€’_β€’) copy and paste / \



      Ok I’m done.

  1. chloe

    Hey guys,
    Just me had another mental blank about were we have to write a comment for the parents signing 100 word challenge! PLZ get back soon!! Thank you!!
    Clo xx

  2. chloe

    Paz next time don’t give so much away! Be like I have a dog and my name is Paris!!! That would be the smart thing to do!!


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