March 20

Mindfulness Program-Week 4 Mindful Body Awareness

Through partner work and inclusivity, we dive into learning the value of fairness. Students were able to use their bodies to perform movement challenges with partners. Our class worked together to increase strength, stamina and balance. Students learned first hand that sometimes one person is stronger in one area than another and that is what makes us all unique. It is wonderful to know that students are directly applying the values they have learned.

The students also developed further body awareness through mindfulness activities. They focused on parts of their body individually and tried to notice any sensations they could feel. They also identified reasons why it is important to listen to their bodies. Noticing sensations allows us the awareness to understand our emotions and feelings.

Ask your child to describe some of the movements they created with their body. You might like to do some with your child. You could also ask them to do a ‘mindful minute’’ with you and practice noticing sensations in the body.

March 20

Olivia L’s 100WC

I used to be the fastest person in the world! I was even faster than Usain Bolt! I won everything, but I didn’t feel like I was challenged enough. I wasn’t challenged at all. It was boring winning races all the time. So I decided I would become the slowest person known to mankind.

I made a list of things to do:

  1. Stop training
  2. Eat junk food every day
  3. Spend all my time watching tv
  4. Take my time doing things

After following this plan for a whole year I became extremely slow.

So that is why I am always last.

March 20

Terumi’s 100WC

“Challenge accepted” I blurted before I could think. Everyone laughed and then all slumped off.

The next day I went to the challenge.

I did lunges all the way to the beginning and finish line.  

It looked like the whole school was here to watch me fail.

I was against Alana Holt the fastest girl in the school.

“On your mark ……… GO” boomed Jason the commentator.

We ran side by side until half way when Alana ran straight ahead of me.
She was the winner whilst I faced humiliation.

That’s why I always come last, scared of humiliation.

March 20

Imogen’s 100WC

“Huh” I said still confused about the question I had been asking mum for several weeks. It was a really weird feeling. That is when my mum said that is why you have to exercise all the time.

Then I asked mum, “Can I go to your gym class tomorrow with you?”

Mum replied, “Yes of course”. Then I asked something else that was on my mind.

I asked, “Is being last a problem?”

She whispered back to me, “Not at all, as long as you tried your best”.

Ah so that is why I always come last because I always try my best.

March 12

Mindfulness Program- Week 3 Excellence

The values we bring into our beautiful class plan this week are excellence and participation. Through participation students learn how to be an active learner, give things a go and share ideas and learn from others. Excellence occurs over time as we perform tasks consistently and well. Students participate in games that require them to help one another, understand each other’s perspectives and ideas and share.

Students practiced a mindful breath and anchor point which is a mindfulness technique which trains the brain to have increased focused attention. This mindfulness tool is especially important when students need to reorient their attention or regulate the nervous system.

Children worked as a team to complete a non-competitive team game. They all had a chance to participate and focus on personal excellence. After the game we discussed what went well and why the game was so fun and well played. Students gave ideas such as, “we listened to each other, we encouraged each other, we followed the game rules.” The students also explored the way in which not being competitive can be a great feeling.  It is amazing to see that students are tuning in to the positive advantages of working cooperatively as a team.

Ask your child to tell you about our team games and show you their favourite parts from class! Maybe you can do the mindful breath and anchor point together. Or perhaps you can ask your child to show you some of the poses they have learned in class. It would be great if you could have a go at some poses as well.


March 12

Imogen’s 100WC

I was walking in the park on Sunday and guess what I saw?  It was totally weird but also magnificent.  It was a giant, stone hand and it looked like it was holding up the tree.  I think it was probably made by an artist who sculpted the hand and placed it around the tree trunk. I walked through the park and saw six other pieces of art.  I then saw a sign that said, “Art Show this way”.   I loved it so much that I think I will bring my family back to the park to share the art with them.


March 12

Patrick’s 100WC

I wake up hearing big ripping noises, it’s still early so I tiptoe outside. I run to the noise at the park. First I see trees thrown away as if they were sticks. But as I come closer I see a big hand. Then all of a sudden a whole giant came out of the ground. I race to the police station and inform the police immediately. They thank me and run off, actually more like walked. Anyway when they were outside they ran off to the giant. Some policemen were crushed but they managed to tie the giant down.


March 12

Olivia L’s 100 WC

Once there lived a girl called Chara. One day, while hiking with her dad she saw a pretty crystal. It was sparkling and translucent.  From that day on Chara always kept it with her. Then, one night she heard screaming coming from outside.  She ran outside to see what it was. For some reason she ran straight to one spot in the park and stopped.  Suddenly, her hand became a stone, and the crystal became a tree. Now all that you can see is Chara’s hand and the tree. Chara will remain like that forever and it can’t be fixed!    

March 5

Michaela’s Writing Challenge

The Brave Diver

Hi, I’m Nikki and I am 18 years old and love to dive.  Today is my birthday and my parents are taking me and some of my friends to the great barrier reef! Julia Hartl is inspirational to teenagers like me.

I am now in Fiji with my friends Stacey, Liv and Kim who also like to dive. My mum and dad organized a helicopter for us to see where we were going to be diving, from a bird’s eye view. The next day my friends and I were getting ready to dive.

One at a time we each fell backwards off the boat into the water. When we were in the water below the surface we were swimming in circles. Then as I went deeper I saw something shine so I swam down and picked it up. It was a sapphire necklace with small diamonds around it! When my air was starting to run out I went to the surface and showed it to my friends and family. This was clearly the best birthday ever!


February 27

Mindfulness Program Week 2- Mindful Listening

Listening is an important skill to develop in children and this week we focus on active listening and honesty. The students practiced listening mindfully by being really still and quiet while they listened to a soothing sound. Students became aware that by continually incorporating active listening, we become more ‘tuned in’ and begin to hear conversations, sounds, feelings and thoughts in a clearer manner. We also become more aware of others as well.

In this lesson students also discussed honesty. They identified reasons why it is important to be honest and how it feels when people are dishonest. Students then practiced being honest independently whilst being an active participant of a game. It was wonderful seeing children recognise that honesty helps us to all enjoy the game!

Ask your child to show you their best active listening tonight at the dinner table or while sharing a story before bed. Your child might do their best to show you they are listening with their eyes and ears during your conversation.