March 2017 archive

Olivia L’s 100 WC

Once there lived a girl called Chara. One day, while hiking with her dad she saw a pretty crystal. It was sparkling and translucent.  From that day on Chara always kept it with her. Then, one night she heard screaming coming from outside.  She ran outside to see what it was. For some reason she ran straight to one spot in the park and stopped.  Suddenly, her hand became a stone, and the crystal became a tree. Now all that you can see is Chara’s hand and the tree. Chara will remain like that forever and it can’t be fixed!    

Michaela’s Writing Challenge

The Brave Diver

Hi, I’m Nikki and I am 18 years old and love to dive.  Today is my birthday and my parents are taking me and some of my friends to the great barrier reef! Julia Hartl is inspirational to teenagers like me.

I am now in Fiji with my friends Stacey, Liv and Kim who also like to dive. My mum and dad organized a helicopter for us to see where we were going to be diving, from a bird’s eye view. The next day my friends and I were getting ready to dive.

One at a time we each fell backwards off the boat into the water. When we were in the water below the surface we were swimming in circles. Then as I went deeper I saw something shine so I swam down and picked it up. It was a sapphire necklace with small diamonds around it! When my air was starting to run out I went to the surface and showed it to my friends and family. This was clearly the best birthday ever!


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