Mindfulness Program-Week 4 Mindful Body Awareness

Through partner work and inclusivity, we dive into learning the value of fairness. Students were able to use their bodies to perform movement challenges with partners. Our class worked together to increase strength, stamina and balance. Students learned first hand that sometimes one person is stronger in one area than another and that is what makes us all unique. It is wonderful to know that students are directly applying the values they have learned.

The students also developed further body awareness through mindfulness activities. They focused on parts of their body individually and tried to notice any sensations they could feel. They also identified reasons why it is important to listen to their bodies. Noticing sensations allows us the awareness to understand our emotions and feelings.

Ask your child to describe some of the movements they created with their body. You might like to do some with your child. You could also ask them to do a ‘mindful minute’’ with you and practice noticing sensations in the body.

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