Mindfulness Program- Week 3 Excellence

The values we bring into our beautiful class plan this week are excellence and participation. Through participation students learn how to be an active learner, give things a go and share ideas and learn from others. Excellence occurs over time as we perform tasks consistently and well. Students participate in games that require them to help one another, understand each other’s perspectives and ideas and share.

Students practiced a mindful breath and anchor point which is a mindfulness technique which trains the brain to have increased focused attention. This mindfulness tool is especially important when students need to reorient their attention or regulate the nervous system.

Children worked as a team to complete a non-competitive team game. They all had a chance to participate and focus on personal excellence. After the game we discussed what went well and why the game was so fun and well played. Students gave ideas such as, “we listened to each other, we encouraged each other, we followed the game rules.” The students also explored the way in which not being competitive can be a great feeling.  It is amazing to see that students are tuning in to the positive advantages of working cooperatively as a team.

Ask your child to tell you about our team games and show you their favourite parts from class! Maybe you can do the mindful breath and anchor point together. Or perhaps you can ask your child to show you some of the poses they have learned in class. It would be great if you could have a go at some poses as well.


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