Mindfulness in Action

This week in Mindfulness in Action, we connected our class plan to the value of respect. How do we show respect to ourselves? How do we show respect to others? How do we show respect to property? We also discussed what mindfulness is, how we can practice being mindful in our lives and how it can benefit us. With breath awareness, students began to notice their body, feelings, sensations and thoughts in a more focused way. Through discussion and activities, students learnt how to calm their minds and bodies to manage their own feelings of excitement anger or worry. What an important skill to have in today’s busy world! Students discovered that mindfulness can create better concentration and focus in all areas of our lives, including the classroom, playground and sports field.


The students learned how to have a ‘mindful body,’ which involves being present, calm and quiet. Ask your child to show or teach you the breathing or ‘mindful bodies’ pose they have learnt in their Life Skills lessons. Encourage the use of these techniques when your son/daughter needs help relaxing or calming down. We know they will be very excited to share what they have learnt with you!


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