Spelling Activities!

Choose at least one spelling activity of your choice each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.


  • Highlight the key features in your words.
  • Find synonyms for each of your spelling words.
  • Look up the definitions of any words you do not know the meaning of.
  • Sort your spelling words into categories based on the similarities you can find between them
  • Break your spelling word up into syllables.
  • Act out your spelling words to make a silent video. See if your classmates can guess the words by watching the video.
  • Write each spelling word using a different colour.
  • Paint your spelling words using paint and a paintbrush on paper.
  • Look, Cover, Write Check
  • Use a whiteboard or chalkboard to write your words.
  • Write your spelling words on flashcards. Then choose one without looking and hold it on your forehead with the word showing. Ask a friend to give you clues to help you guess the word.
  • Write and perform a short skit or readers’ theatre that uses all of your spelling words.
  • Write your spelling words each on two separate flashcards. Mix them all up and turn them face-down on the table. Play the memory match game with them.
  • Go on a word hunt in your spelling words. Can you find any smaller words within your words?



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