September 2016 archive

Rory’s 100WC

Steppy was a man with very long legs… and when I say very long I mean very long, they measured up to 100 meters long .One day he was looking in the newspaper and he found an advertisement that said: 200 meter race. He was shocked because his legs were 100 meters so he only had to take two big steps…then he looked down at the prize and it said 10,000 pieces of gold!!!! So he immediately ran out the door to the race.

On your mark, get set… GO! Steppy took one big step and came in first then he thought to himself well what a start.

Claudia C’s 100WC

I was going to go to school and I thought, Well what a start to my day. The next thing I did was get to the classroom and scare my teacher out of his skin. ‘Aaaahhh,’ he screamed. Then I went home because he did not want to be scared again, so at least I got to go home and scare my mum and brother. Even they got scared and I said, ‘’ I will stop scaring if… you give me 100 dollars!’’ So I got the $100 dollars and spent them on lollies and gave them to my teacher and mum and brother to say sorry.

Jay’s 100 WC

And I thought well what a start to the basketball game. We were in the lead and it looked like we were going to win! The crowd was roaring and suddenly I looked at the scoreboard and we were losing by 15 points… wait now 17….and now 19! I was having such a good time but now it was time to work hard. We couldn’t lose the semi-finals or our career would be over for a whole year. Now we have to do it, we score a few more times and we’re down by one. I shoot and get it in, we have WON!!  

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