September 11

Greta’s 100WC

Today it was cross country at school. I thought I was going to go well, but I never do. I trained every day. “ YEAR 10 GIRLS GET READY TO RACE!,” Miss Sugar Plum called. It was time for my race. Mr Herrington shot the pistol… And I thought, “Well what a start”… AND it WAS!!! I was coming 3rd (a great position at this point). I kept my pace. Grace and I were now fighting for 4th. It came to 100m’s left, I used my sprint like in training. I ran passed Lily, Annabel and Emma. I finished 1st. YAY! I was so excited.


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2 thoughts on “Greta’s 100WC

  1. Ms Murray

    I really enjoyed your story Greta. I could feel the excitement as I read, I couldn’t wait to get to the end to see how you did in the race. We have our cross country race in school today and I hope it is as exciting as the race in your story.

    Ms Murray


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