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Getting onto your Goggle Account at Home!

For those of you who find getting onto your Google Drive hard at home – here are some instructions to help you:

  1. Go to Google

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.45.37 pm

2) Check to see if someone else is logged in. If they are, they must log out. (Check by looking in the top right hand corner – you can see in this picture that I am logged in because my photo is shown.)

3) Go to add account (you need to do this the first time you log onto the device)

Then you can log in using your email address as the user name and your password (try single digits at the end, if this doesn’t work try doubling the digits at the end)


Now you should have access to your google drive and all of your documents and most importantly your digital portfolio. Your digital portfolio is a Google Site so click on this


If you have trouble let me know. :)

Public Speaking Round 1


These are the topics for Round 1 which will be held on the 1st of August. Remember next Monday (25th of July) you will deliver the speech you have written in class. 

  • Student choice (choose anything you like!)
  • Someone I find inspiring is…
  • Every child should have unlimited access to the internet
  • The most important thing my parents have taught me is…



Bella and Coco’s holiday!

During the break Ed and his family took great care of our class pets Bell and Coco. He is our new expert! Here is Ed’s information report about guinea pigs;

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are amazing creatures. They are land animals and kept as house pets. They were found in South America around 5000 BC.

Guinea pigs are chubby, furry and have a very delicate bone structure. They have 14 toes, 4 on the front 2 feet and 3 on the back 2 feet. They have 258 bones. They are soft, fluffy and cute. Some guinea pigs have rough and messy hair and some have neat combed hair.

Guinea pigs diet is mostly vegetables and some fruit. They mostly like lettuce, carrots and other plants such as basil and parsley. They can’t eat mushrooms or any types of seeds, apple seeds are poisonous to guinea pigs. They chew their food and then they swallow it. They also need vitamin c. They can eat cherry tomatoes, kale and only yellow capsicum not red capsicum.

Guinea pig habits are very interesting. They eat a lot because they are very hungry creatures. Guinea pigs will start trying to get out of their cage (biting through cage door) if they are lonely, they need another guinea pig(s) to keep them company (or toys). They make a drrr noise when they want another guinea pig to go away and squeak loudly when they want food.

There are lots of different types of guinea pigs. There is the Abyssinian which is one of the most unique types of guinea pigs because its hair is not flat like most guinea pigs, instead it is fluffy. The Peruvian guinea pig is the most beautiful because of its long coat. The American is smooth haired and has a sleek appearance. There are also many more types of guinea pigs that have not been mentioned.  

The guinea pig has so many characteristics. There are lots of different breeds of guinea pigs, they can only eat vegetables and some fruits. There habits are also very interesting. I love guinea pigs after researching about them. I also love them because I have guinea pigs in my class.

Olympian Visit!

On Thursday 23rd of June, Olympian Travis Mahoney made a visit to our school. He talked to the 1/2 and 3/4 students about following your dreams and setting goals to achieve them. He also told us about how he became a swimmer, what an athlete eats and what he is expecting at the Olympic village in Rio! Here is a brief biography about Travis Mahoney;

Athlete Biography

Travis Mahoney will make his Olympic debut in Rio after a breakthrough performance at the selection trials in Adelaide on the opening night where he finished second in the most gruelling of events, the 400m individual medley.

Cheered on by his Nunawading teammates in the stands, Mahoney finished in a personal best time of 4:14.98s, behind only Thomas Fraser-Holmes.

The Melbourne swimmer made his international debut at the World Short Course Championships in Turkey four years ago where he won bronze in the 4x100m freestyle relay and finished 7th in the 200m backstroke.

He went on to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he placed sixth in the 400m Individual Medley and the Pan Pacific Games on the Gold Coast where he was seventh.


We will be sure to cheer him on at the Games! Good luck Travis!