Horrendo’s Curse Reviewed by Greta Knaap

Horrendo’s Curse is an adventure book set on a pirate village. A boy called Horrendo was cursed as a baby to only say nice things. When boys turn twelve they’re sent off to the pirates. Horrendo turns twelve and starts to work on his plan to get away from the pirates with Rascal. Rascal gets sent onto the ship. Horrendo gives up his plan for him. If you want to join them on their journey, then read Horrendo’s Curse!

The main characters in Horrendo’s Curse are Horrendo, Rascal, Wicked and Pest. Horrendo is very forgiving, kind, loving and caring. Horrendo is a good leader and a hero and he never gives up. Rascal is Horrendo’s best friend. Firstly Rascal hated Horrendo but then they trusted each other and became friends. Wicked is very untrustworthy and mean, he is a pirate but the greediest pirate. Pest is Bombastic’s loyal pet. Pest loves rum and Pest saved lives because of his love of rum.

My favourite part of the book was when Horrendo gave up his plan for Rascal because Horrendo’s plan was in progress. I liked this part of the story because it showed courage and kindness and it told you to put others before yourself.

I really enjoyed this book because it taught you to be kind and brave. It was also a mix of adventure and had a touch of romance.It also had a very good story line of a nice boy in a horrid place.
I would highly recommend Horrendo’s Curse for both girls and boys. I would rate Horrendo’s Curse a 10 out of 10. Horrendo’s Curse includes a little bit of violence and some tricky words so this story should be for ages 8-12.   

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