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Horrendo’s Curse Reviewed by Greta Knaap

Horrendo’s Curse is an adventure book set on a pirate village. A boy called Horrendo was cursed as a baby to only say nice things. When boys turn twelve they’re sent off to the pirates. Horrendo turns twelve and starts to work on his plan to get away from the pirates with Rascal. Rascal gets sent onto the ship. Horrendo gives up his plan for him. If you want to join them on their journey, then read Horrendo’s Curse!

The main characters in Horrendo’s Curse are Horrendo, Rascal, Wicked and Pest. Horrendo is very forgiving, kind, loving and caring. Horrendo is a good leader and a hero and he never gives up. Rascal is Horrendo’s best friend. Firstly Rascal hated Horrendo but then they trusted each other and became friends. Wicked is very untrustworthy and mean, he is a pirate but the greediest pirate. Pest is Bombastic’s loyal pet. Pest loves rum and Pest saved lives because of his love of rum.

My favourite part of the book was when Horrendo gave up his plan for Rascal because Horrendo’s plan was in progress. I liked this part of the story because it showed courage and kindness and it told you to put others before yourself.

I really enjoyed this book because it taught you to be kind and brave. It was also a mix of adventure and had a touch of romance.It also had a very good story line of a nice boy in a horrid place.
I would highly recommend Horrendo’s Curse for both girls and boys. I would rate Horrendo’s Curse a 10 out of 10. Horrendo’s Curse includes a little bit of violence and some tricky words so this story should be for ages 8-12.   

The Forests of Silence Reviewed by Ed Pill

The Forests of Silence is an exciting adventure book set in the forest. Lief’s father Jarred, tried to protect the gems of Deltora but the villainous birds called Ak-baba took them and hid them. Lief has to go on a quest to get the gems back, he is accompanied by Barda. If you want to know what happens to Lief and Barda and if they recover the gems then you will need to read the book.

The main characters are Endon, Jarred, Barda and Lief. Endon is the son of the king. His father died when Endon was very young, so Endon was a very young king. Endon always followed the rules and was serious about everything. Jarred is Lief’s father and tried to get Endon to wear the belt.  Jarred is nice and likes to do things the way they should be done. Barda has to accompany Lief on his quest. Bara is strong and tries to keep Lief out of danger. Lief has to go a quest to get the gems of Deltora back, Lief is kind and is determined to get the gems back.

My favourite part in the book was when the Wenn paralyzed Lief and Barda and took them into the forest. I liked this part because Emily Rodda described that part so well. I loved this book because it was an adventure book and you always wondered what would happen next and what they would do and how they would do it.

This book was a great read and I would recommend it for children aged 8 to 14. I loved this book and I would rate it 8/10.

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Reviewed by Josh Faoro

Sadako is an emotional book set in Japan. Sadako is a girl that had the atom bomb disease and is very sick. She is told a story that if she folds 1000 paper cranes she will get a wish. Will she get her wish? Read Sadako and the 1000 paper cranes to find out!

The main characters in this book are Sadako, Kenji and Mr & Mrs Sasaki. Sadako is the daughter of Mrs Sasaki. She believed in everything and never gave up. Kenji is the sister of Sadako and she helped Sadako when she was sick. Kenji told lots of myths and legends. Mr and Mrs Sasaki were the parents of Sadako. They supported Sadako in the hospital whenever Sadako was hurt or was feeling sick.

My favourite part was when Sadako started to make paper cranes because before that she thought that she would die. In her mind she was gone but her sister told her about the legend so Sadako got started, more confident than ever. She didn’t want to give up and she didn’t care if it was a waste of time, she just did it.

I loved this book because it was passionate, lovely and caring but also a bit sad which made it interesting and exciting. It was lovely because everyone helped Sadako and it was caring because the parents took care of Sadako in all times. It was also sad because one part there’s no hope and her grandma died so it made it harder of Sadako.

My rating depends on the plot and how good the characters were so I’ll give it a 8.7 out of 10 and the recommended age for this sad and happy book is 8 to 16 years of age.

Horrendo’s Curse Reviewed by Louis Pirie

Horrendo’s Curse is an adventure story set in a pirate village. As a baby, Horrendo is cursed to only say good things. Horrendo and the children of the village go to a school to learn how to survive with pirates. When all the boys turn 12 they get captured by pirates. Horrendo goes on the pirate ship to be with Rascal, his friend. The Captain finds the map of the Blue Devil’s treasure. The trip is long, rough and windy. Find out if Horrendo and friends escape the pirates, find the treasure, and break Horrendo’s curse.

The main characters in Horrendo’s Curse are Horrendo, Rascal, Pest and Wicked. Horrendo is kind and compassionate. He cares for others because of his curse. He is adventurous and never gives up. Rascal is mischievous and is Horrendo’s best friend. Horrendo couldn’t trust him at first but after the long and unforgettable journey, they were best friends. Pest is Bombastics loyal, pet frog and has a very big interest in rum. His attraction to rum ends up saving the boys in the most peculiar way. Wicked is a selfish pirate and only cares about himself. His greedy attitude does not help him at all and makes him even more unpopular!

My favourite part of the book is when Horrendo sacrifices himself to be with his friend Rascal. This part appealed to me because it shows the selflessness of Horrendo and to see how far he would go to save his friend. I enjoyed this book because it shows how one nice person stands out, and many others follow and do the same. I feel this way because there may be the same optimistic people like Horrendo in the real world. It is a real page turner.
I think this book is appropriate for children aged 9 – 13. The rating I gave was very high, 9 ½ out of 10. The long chapters make it easier to read, without stopping so you you can enjoy the book. It is a book for fluent and advanced readers. I think it is one of the best books Anna Feinberg has written.

Spellhorn Review by Claudia W

Spellhorn is set in the wilderness. Sam and Laura are best friends and Laura is blind. There was a fire and it burnt down Sam’s house. One day Laura woke up and she was on Spelhorn’s back in the wilderness. Then flight betrayed the wild ones and Laura becomes mighty high of the wild ones and Spellhorn goes missing. If you want to find out if they find Spellhorn you will need to read the book.

The main characters in this book are Laura, Spellhorn, Wayfinder, Flight, then old women and all the wild ones. Laura is always nice, kind and  positive. She loves Spellhorn and all the wild ones and she never got homesick. Spellhorn is a unicorn who fights for life for the wild ones and Laura, she is always friendly. Wayfinder is a man who helps everyone and is nice and friendly to everyone. Flight is a girl who is mean and is bossy to Laura and all the wild ones. The old women are generous and confident with everything. The wild ones live in the wilderness with Spellhorn and Laura.
I liked the part when Laura could finally see again . I liked it because she would be able to do stuff on her own and walk by herself, not having anyone looking after her. I liked this book because it is about a unicorn and a girl called Laura, who have a strong relationship. I rate Spellhorn a 9.5/10. I would recommend this book to children aged from 7 – 11 years because it has language that some children wouldn’t understand.