March 2016 archive

Cooking Crostoli for the Festa!

On Wednesday the 24th of February, students from 3/4 made Crostoli biscuits to be sold at the school Festa! Some of the teachers may have taste tested a few and they were delicious! Thanks to all of those parents who lent a hand on the day!

Sophie’s 100WC

I was going to the beach. I was swimming in the sea when I saw something green. Then I felt something green and slimy curling around me. My dog Dancer, came over and attacked the creature and left it to die in the sea. I got home and had a gas BBQ, then I went to bed. All night I kept on saying to myself, “I nearly drowned, I nearly drowned.”
In the morning I went down to the pool. I dived in and again I felt something curl around me and it was green, the same as yesterday. Then I started to drown. Luckily, a lifeguard saw me so he grabbed me and the creature once more vanished.

Charlie’s 100WC

The door opened and there it, was an ALIEN standing right in front of me! I ran for my life and ran into my room and I locked the door. I looked out the window. I saw an Alien apocalypse. I saw people trying to defeat the Alien but I saw two people destroying them which was mum and dad. When mum and dad destroyed them all it took 9 hours for them to come back because our car got destroyed. When they got back we celebrated. We had cakes, cup cakes, fairy bread and we all lived happily ever after. ALIEN!