February 20

Ed’s 100WC

The door opened and there it was the Hippogriph, half bird, half horse. Bob knew he should have gone in that old shack and he found it, a Hippogriph. Bob wondered what to do so he did the first thing he thought of, he jumped on it and started riding it. His friends looked shocked when he burst through the roof on a Hippogriph. Bob flew for what felt like hours. Suddenly they landed,Bob saw a garden and saw his house so he brang the Hippogriph inside and showed his mum. She said he could keep the Hippogriph in his room.

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1 thoughts on “Ed’s 100WC

  1. Kathy @ Team 100WC, Portland, Oregon, USA

    Ed I love your wonderful fantasy story about the Hippogriph, it sounds like a marvelous creature! You did a nice job of writing about the adventure of it all, and I could almost imagine what it would be like to ride on a Hippogriph. What a fun story and great way to use the prompt – nice work!


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