February 2016 archive

Louis’s 100WC

Today is the swimming carnival. For breakfast mum made the green salad that I absolutely hate. I hate it because it makes me gassy. It was likely for me to get in but there’s no chance now because of the salad. We got there early to practice swimming. Funny that my best friend Ben was there to practise to. Then, it started. I did a fantastic dive, I looked like a dancer. I didn’t blow bubbles so I don’t know why Ben said he saw them. I was puzzled until I remembered about the green salad. I was shocked!

Paige’s 100WC

One day a family lived at 32 Box Hill street. There was a Dad called Tim and a Mum called Sonia, a girl called Paige and a boy called Cooper. They were going to Thailand. On Monday morning they packed their bag and called a taxi. They loaded the taxi, the back of the taxi was full. The taxi man drove them to the airport and it took an hour. When they finally got to Thailand, the door opened and there it was it was, a crocodile. Dad locked the door and then got a new room and we had a fantastic super day on the waterslides.          

Georgia’s 100WC

One day I was moving house. My family drove and drove. When we got to the new house it looked amazing, but my room was the best. There was a door opposite my bed. On the door there was a sign that said, “DO NOT ENTER!” I felt so curious and unlocked the door. The door opened and there it was, a big lion. It asked what I was doing there. So I said, I was curious. There was a deafening silence. The lion spoke, “I have no friends. Can you be my friend?” I thought for a moment and I spoke, “Ok”. We’re best friends now. 

Sophie’s 100WC

I was moving house. I had just got to my new house and l was exploring and I came across a room and on the door it said,’’DO NOT ENTER!’’in capital letters. Suddenly l felt a small tinkle inside me to open the door. My brain said no but my body said yes. My hand reached out to open the door. The door opened and there it was, a small gloomy dark room with no sound to be heard and that’s when I saw movement. That’s when I started to worry. Then I saw a huge spider and I ran!

Ed’s 100WC

The door opened and there it was the Hippogriph, half bird, half horse. Bob knew he should have gone in that old shack and he found it, a Hippogriph. Bob wondered what to do so he did the first thing he thought of, he jumped on it and started riding it. His friends looked shocked when he burst through the roof on a Hippogriph. Bob flew for what felt like hours. Suddenly they landed,Bob saw a garden and saw his house so he brang the Hippogriph inside and showed his mum. She said he could keep the Hippogriph in his room.

Jay’s 100WC

The door opened and there it was, a big goblin!!!! The goblin said, “I am Lenny and I am going to destroy you.” Then suddenly 15 of his goblin minions jumped at me in every direction, so I ran. Hi I’m Zen and this is my adventure to destroy Lenny the goblin, but the only thing is I don’t have anything to destroy him with! Well there is one thing, that’s my dog he’s really strong and just knocked out the 15 minions. Lenny set out to get us, then i see something in the distance, it is help. I call to them and they take Lenny to jail.

Dominic’s 100WC- Monster Attack

Once upon a time I was waiting for my new bed.Then the door opened and there it was, my bed.But there was a monster so I got my bed, slammed the door and went in my bedroom quickly. I set it up until he came in again .So I made a trick. I told him that if you go to Cairns in Queensland you will win a prize . So he went off. So I quickly went to sleep. Phew. I was saved.

Ben’s 100WC- The Lost Treasure

One sunny day a mum called Rosie had a little treasure chest full of jewellery. Every morning she put some of her jewellery on before she went to work. One day when she went to put her jewellery on it were gone! She was so angry; she went to find her jewellery. She asked everyone in town. When all hope seemed lost, she knocked on the last door of the town. The door opened and there it was. She got the chest and ran back to her house as fast as she could and screamed. She was so happy but she made sure she hid it this time.

Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday

We all had a lot of fun making pancakes on Tuesday. Some of us had crazy toppings whilst some of us were happy with the more traditional toppings such as lemon and sugar! Thank you to our mums for helping!!