October 2015 archive

James’s 100WC

The day was finally here, it was the grand final  of the  ICC cricket.  Australia were  playing against New Zealand and  it was at the MCG and it was really loud there. The crowd was making the noise they were cheering their team on then, in the middle of the noise David Warner smashed the cricket ball in the air and it hit a big, fat,white and black magpie. The crowd went all quiet and the fieldsman ran to the bird and carried it off the field. The game continued when the batsmen and the fielders were ready when suddenly the bird woke up and flew off.

Aiden’s 100WC

“Why are you three fat guys deciding to go to space?”, the News reporter asked, “When we go to space we won’t feel heavy anymore!” Albert said, “Me want to see the doughnut around Saturn!”, Billy said, “Mmmm… doughnuts!”, Homer said. “So why did NASA let you go in space just for that?”, “He talked about fat guys failing on TV but I don’t know why” Homer said. The rocket was rumbling, then, in the middle of the noise 3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!!! But the astronauts are too heavy to take off!

Charlotte’s 100WC

“Okay honey be safe, and don’t leave the house!”

Finally I’m home alone and I have the whole afternoon with it! What I was thinking of do-. What was that? OMG, I think I’m gonna die. I think there’s a ghost or a robber or even a vampire. OKay I’m calling mum. “Hi Mum I think I’m going to die!!”

“What, honey, why??”

“Well I heard this noise and and then in the middle of the noise there was this like, AH there it is again!!”

“Honey that’s just the next door neighbour’s cat playing with some weird squeaky toy.”

Alex’s 100WC

I heard something outside, BOOM, CRASH, I was freaking out, what would it be? I ran to my brave brother John. Then in all of the of the noise, there was a sound that I have never heard before. It sounded like booming fireworks, however I didn’t think it would be that, then i thought it may of just been my brother awful, stinky farts but I thought it didn’t sound that close. I ran to my pleasant mum to ask if she heard it and she said, “No, it was probably just your creative imagination!”

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