October 2015 archive

Rosie’s 100WC

Miss. Brown was telling Mrs. Bimbo about Bob her new boyfriend, while the class, was talking amongst themselves. Then, in the middle of the noise, stinky Tom did a fart. The whole class stared at him. The looks he got embarrassed him so much that his face went as red as a plum. He apologised weakly with “pardon me.” The whole class laughed at him as he slinked back in his chair. All the kids in the class had their own conversations and you could tell they were about Tom because they all gave him a glance every so often.

Paris’s 100WC

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my friend Olivia called me. “Do you want to come with me to see Jessie J at her concert?” “Yay, I’d love to come!” That night we arrived at Rod Laver Arena and the music was so loud our bodies vibrated. We were dancing, screaming and feeling pumped and awesome. Suddenly then, in the middle of the noise… JESSIE J TRIPPED AND FELL OFF THE STAGE!!! The crowd went silent. Jessie J slowly climbed back on to the stage and continued to sing. As they say in show business the show must go on.  

Iesha’s 100WC

‘URGH!! Can’t a girl get around to the supermarket these days?’

There I was, cooped up in a massive city traffic jam. I suppose I wasn’t the only one who was aggravated, because several surrounding drivers were beeping their horns furiously.

Okay, so I’ve been stuck for about half an hour by now, and was seriously considering pulling over, leaving my car, and walking to the supermarket, but then, in the middle of the noise, came a police officer on the footpath, everybody stopped beeping.

That’s when I found out why this traffic jam even occurred…

It was opposite day!

Ruby’s 100WC

Sirens rang in our ears as we were evacuated from the building. People were screaming and crying everywhere. No one knew what was going on. The noise of sirens kept getting louder and louder. Then, in the middle of the noise a gun was shot. A large crowd formed, people shoved and pushed. Something was lying dead on the ground. A strange, hairy, long clawed animal lay helplessly in pain. Police came in and evacuated everyone from the seen. So many questions were asked but none were answered. What was this animal? and what was it doing in beacon hills?

Petra’s 100WC

It felt like weeks trying to find food and water in this scorching hot desert. “Tommy *cough* I think we’re close or *cough* not,” I explained painfully “*Cough* I think so too *cough*” replied Tommy. We were weak and skinny to the bone. I was starting to fail, I could barely hold my weight but I kept encouraging myself to keep on going. I was starting to hear things the one I mainly heard was *cough* water, fresh running water. I was swaying side to side and finally I collapsed, I couldn’t go any further, but then, in the middle of the noise, I heard camel hoofs racing towards us. Next thing I know, I’m in my bed safe with Tommy by my side.  

Olivia K’s 100WC

I arrived in the cold & pouring rain at the War Memorial in Canberra. Ready to pray and remember the Australian soldiers that had fought and tragically died in the World Wars I and II. Once every participant had assembled and was comfortable the dreadfully long speeches started. They went on and on and on and it was like watching a hundred meter snail race to the finish!  Finally the speeches were over.  But then suddenly, in the middle of the noise I heard  BANG, BANG, BANG  – another war had just started – it was World War III. “Oh no,” I screamed.

Milla’s 100WC

My teacher stood there miserably. It was me, MY gran was gone!!! I could feel my heart sinking. My friends huddled around me covering my tears.

There was no time to get anything. I ran out of the classroom without a whistle or a whisper fall out my mouth. Mother was at the office.

We arrived at the hospital. Not one word was spoken. Although this really annoying sound goes off at 12:00. It was about 12, when we strolled into gran’s room. The noise began, but then in the middle of the noise I swear I heard gran.

Olivia M’s 100WC

Here I was pushing my way through the gigantic crowd just to get the front row to the star Band’s concert. I have waited all my life to get these tickets so I wanted to make the most of it. I eventually made it to the front and stood there with my drink in one hand and my phone in the other ready to take photos. 3…2…1 the band came on stage and everyone started dancing and singing along!!! But then in the middle of the noise, the music stopped and everyone stood in shock, what had just happened?

Hudson’s 100WC

Billy was a boy who hated music and one day at school I had to go to band practise. In the middle of the noise someone fell over at first it was funny but then Billy heard him crying for help so he ran for help. Then everyone had to leave then at playtime he played football and Billy got tackled and broke his leg. As he fell to the ground the ambulance came and they took him back the hospital and Billy saw the kid who broke his arm at band practise and he was laughing at him.

Jacob’s 100WC

“There was a bright flash, then a loud noise. It sounded like explosions,” told Ryan.

“Are you sure this was all just a made up dream?” replied the therapist. “This might have all been just an exaggerated version of something that has happened to you, maybe when you were a child.”

“Probably,” answered Ryan. “The noise continued and then, in the middle of the noise there was forming a sentence. It was a question. Where have you been? Then I woke up.”

“That means the focus of the dream would have been on that question,” inquired the therapist. “Quite strange,”

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