October 2015 archive

Emily’s 100WC

DING, DING! “Woohoo! it’s the WEEKEND!” I screamed across the playground with joy. This weekend is going to be the best one yet. I have everything planned out, first netball, then Luna Park (Birthday party) and finally I have a sleepover with my BEST FRIEND EVER! Now, that’s just Saturday.

I was walking as fast as ever  when I spotted a little dog in the corner of my eye. I patted her fur, it felt like a soft blanket. I checked her collar and it had no name or address. She was now mine and this weekend just got better!

Ruby’s 100WC

As I ran into the playground everything went quiet. Eyes glued themselves to my face. I had no idea what I had done nor why they were looking at me. A strange feeling suddenly came knocking at my stomach it then burst its way in. It felt like pins were rapidly being stuck into my body. I had, had enough, I began to cry. I then woke up in my bed hot, and scared my mother beside me. I told her I was fine and it was just a nightmare which I never wanted to come back again!

Georgia’s 100WC

For about the last 5 years my home has had no air conditioning. I have been able to cope with fans in the hot weather but this year I had, had enough and needed to get it! So I rang up Coldflow, an air conditioning company, and told them they needed to get here A-S-A-P! So in about 45 minutes they were at my doorstep asking me when I wanted my air con. Half an hour later, I had air conditioning. It felt like a rush of cold luxurious air, then I had to turn it off because, gees it was freezing. I never used it again.

Madison’s 100WC

“Edward, dead” and that is all my mother could say, those words meant more to me than anything even one thousand words. I couldn’t believe it, he was so alive and kissing me goodbye before he went to fight as an ANZAC. Mother looked up from her hands, face stained and blue eyes blood shot, “Mike sent this, he said he wrote it and this small pack came with it.” Tears streaming down my face I read it.

It broke her heart as I opened it to see a ruby and it felt like a cold hand gripping her heart.


Chloe’s 100WC

I woke up hearing the sounds of BANG! I called out to mum. She said we must evacuate now! I felt like the world was going to end. I thought mum and I would be gone. We were walking for days and days. Until I looked behind me and there was no mum. I screamed. One man heard me. It was my father who had been at war for seven months now. I was  so happy. But then I had to give him the bad news. I said “Dad I am really sorry but sadly mum passed away.” Tears dropped.

Charlotte’s 100WC

It started soft and then gradually got more and more powerful. 5 minutes into the  earth quake me and my family realised that we have to evacuate our house. As we stepped out the front door the house fell to the ground.  It felt like every second of your life could be your last in nepal. And that’s all I can remember of my old life, now I live here in Melbourne. Living here in Melbourne makes me feel safe and I feel like I could live forever. And I much prefer that feeling to how I felt in Nepal.

Naythan’s 100WC

I walked into a crowd of people to see a time machine. I stepped  into  the crowd. The next few minutes I was standing in front of the machine. I stepped inside the time machine, then boom it felt like I was on a rollercoaster swerving up down and around, I almost threw up but then it stopped. I got out and there I was in the future but I turned around and everyone was still there – maybe it actually happen someday, but not today! That would be awesome.  

Georgia’s 100WC

So I jumped into my car, late for work as always. As I was starting my car it started to make a funny noise. Then in the middle of the noise I started to hear voices that were telling me, to step on the left pedal. Looking for any chance I was going to get to work I listened and, what would you know it worked and off I went to work. During the day I kept hearing the voices when I was in situations, I listened and I got out of those situations. Then back at home I heard the voice again saying WAKE UP!! Then all of a sudden I work up in BED. Well what a wacky dream.

Mal’s 100WC

My house is always chaotic. There is always someone screaming or complaining. One day I was so angry at my little brother and so I slipped out a little word that is really small but means a lot anyway once we got to the table he had a tantrum and threw choco flavoured milk on my purse. Suddenly my older sister started screaming because her supposedly hot boyfriend broke up with her over text. Everyone was wailing over something and then, in the middle of the noise came a big BANG. We all stopped shocked and once we got over it we started screaming all over again.

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