Mr Smith by Paris

Once upon a time, there was a History teacher named Mr Smith. He was a very bad and strict teacher. He yelled and became angry at everyone for absolutely no reason. He worked at Camberwell High School, and had 18 students in his class. Three students named Mia Danaher, Jasmine Stokes and Paris Herbert, always got in trouble because when kids got told off, they tried to stand up for those children, however Mr Smith still sent them to detention every time.

One Thursday after school, Mia, Jasmine and Paris were walking home to study for their History project, about World War 1 and 2. They received the task that day, and Mr Smith expected it completed by Monday, so the girls started to feel the pressure. Mr Smith said to them that if they fail another test, they would have to stay in at lunch time for the next eight weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Jasmine said to Mia, “I don’t want to stay in for another detention.”“Yeah,” said Mia, “we can’t afford to miss having our lunch for the next 8 weeks. There is only one way to avoid this whole mess, we need to make sure we get our work done, on time, every time.”

“We need a plan girls”, said Paris, “Let’s all get together Saturday and Sunday, spending enough time on our assignment to make sure we are organised and prepared to get and A!”

The girls worked extremely hard over the weekend and managed to complete every piece of work, they even had time to get together for a celebration afternoon tea on the Sunday as a reward for their efforts.  The girls were very happy and satisfied with their weekend work, and proudly walked into school to hand in the assignment.

During the day at school Mr Smith stood in front of the class to make an announcement, he wanted to acknowledge the efforts of a few children who had outperformed.  Much to their surprise he said, “Jasmine, Paris & Mia have all completed their work on time and have done it to a wonderful standard,” he said to the class. “This is the type of work I am expecting from all of you”.

Jasmine, Mia and Paris couldn’t contain their smiles and happiness and declared to everyone, Mr Smith is not that bad after all.

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