Dreams can turn into a reality by Maliana

I screamed out as the excruciating pain crawled up my leg and stayed there, refusing to leave like a 3 year old refusing to leave the park. The doctor stuck a needle in my arm and I fell into a slumber that I hoped would never end, so I didn’t have to face any news. Once I fell into a deep sleep I dreamt about swimming and all my worries that had been with me for years and then I went back to reality. I walked, actually I stumbled out of the hospital and into the world where my life would resume taking it’s place. Hi, my name is Ellie and now I’m hobbling out of a hospital with a leg that has recently been affected by a disease.


As I left the hospital, I felt my leg aching from everything but the pain. Now I was going home.  When I reached my destination I helped myself into the house, turned around and demanded the answer to a question, “When would I be able to start swimming again?” By then I knew that I wouldn’t be fit for freestyle but I had a chance with backstroke. “I need to be ready for regionals in two months!” is what I said, after they denied knowing when I could start again. “We imagine that we could get you up running in 6 weeks,” my dad and trainer said in a disappointing tone. I looked up at him with a face that told him I wanted to be up earlier but I knew I couldn’t persuade him or more importantly my mother who will wait willingly and then try to get me to wait even longer.


“Dad can you help me up?” I asked emotionlessly. Without an answer he helped me up and into my bedroom where I would try and sleep everything off. I woke the next morning and stared at my white ceiling for an hour before I finally got out of bed. I went through the same routine every morning for seven weeks and then I finally got to start training. Wake up, get dressed, go to the pool, train for 2 hours, take a break, train for another 2 hours, go home. That was my new routine and I was so relieved that my mother couldn’t find a reason to stop me. My routine carried on until finally regionals came. The day when disaster could strike or my dreams could come true. As they called out the positions I jumped onto my block. “On your mark, get set, go!”. The race was on, I pushed off under the water on my back and pushed myself to my limit. I controlled my arm strokes and climbed to the front. My hand touched the wall, it touched it first. My eyes scanned the audience for my dad who taught me that I couldn’t ever say the word, can’t.  That day was the day my dreams were made into a reality.

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