A Strange Place by Petra

‘Yawn!’ yawned Astrid, she was ready to start an amazing day when a sudden bang caught her attention. In seconds another bang went off… Astrid got ready and climbed on top of the roof to see what was going on. The sound was getting closer and closer, it was coming from the north. Astrid decided to go to her Camellia’s to discuss the strange noise.

When she got there the house was demolished and so were all the other houses around it. “Something strange is going on,” Astrid thought. Suddenly a familiar voice was calling Astrid’s name. It was Camellia, she was racing towards Astrid. “We have to get out of here!” screamed Camellia. “Why?” Astrid asked. BANG! BANG! The sound was getting louder and louder… “NO TIIME! COME ON!” screamed Camellia.

A wave of nuclear bombs demolished Australia with not even a second to spare. Wreckage filled Australia, not a sound that could be heard. Drifting off too sea on a plank of wood was the same girls that were trying to survive the bombs. The same girls that were named Astrid and Camellia… the girls drifted out into the wide ocean.

They stumbled onto a deserted island which was inhabited by all kinds of creatures, but what they did know was that no matter how hard they tried to find water, there was no water on the island. “Greetings, young humans, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you too our island,” explained a strange voice, “the necklace is within your reach.” Astrid looked and found a shimmering necklace in front of her. Engraved on the necklace was ‘beware the beast’ Astrid didn’t know what it meant but it sounded dangerous.

The trees shifted as she was wondering though the forest. Suddenly the trees CAME ALIVE and ran after Astrid! As she was running, an axe was stuck in the ground. “This could be a good weapon against the trees,” Astrid thought, so she picked up the axe and started copping her way through the trees. Eventually Astrid made it back to the place where she woke up from on the beach and wondered what came with her… to her surprize, Camellia was there. She also wondered what the necklace was for, so she put it on just for the sake of it.

Camellia woke to the site of Astrid building a house made out of logs. “What are you doing?” asked Camellia alarmed. “Well… you see I woke up on this beach and I found this necklace, so I put it on and I went wondering through the forest, when I was ambushed by magic trees! I defeated them and then, I heard a voice that said there is no way getting off this island, so I decided to build a house,” explained Astrid. “HA! You can’t fool me Astrid this is a prank isn’t it?” Camellia replied. “I would believe you but I’m too grown up.” After that moment they were never to be seen again.

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