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Hi everyone,

I’m still not well and won’t be at school tomorrow. Would someone please bring a carrot or some parsley in for Mabel, I’m a bit worried about her as her food has run out!



MB xx

Dreams can turn into a reality by Maliana

I screamed out as the excruciating pain crawled up my leg and stayed there, refusing to leave like a 3 year old refusing to leave the park. The doctor stuck a needle in my arm and I fell into a slumber that I hoped would never end, so I didn’t have to face any news. Once I fell into a deep sleep I dreamt about swimming and all my worries that had been with me for years and then I went back to reality. I walked, actually I stumbled out of the hospital and into the world where my life would resume taking it’s place. Hi, my name is Ellie and now I’m hobbling out of a hospital with a leg that has recently been affected by a disease.


As I left the hospital, I felt my leg aching from everything but the pain. Now I was going home.  When I reached my destination I helped myself into the house, turned around and demanded the answer to a question, “When would I be able to start swimming again?” By then I knew that I wouldn’t be fit for freestyle but I had a chance with backstroke. “I need to be ready for regionals in two months!” is what I said, after they denied knowing when I could start again. “We imagine that we could get you up running in 6 weeks,” my dad and trainer said in a disappointing tone. I looked up at him with a face that told him I wanted to be up earlier but I knew I couldn’t persuade him or more importantly my mother who will wait willingly and then try to get me to wait even longer.


“Dad can you help me up?” I asked emotionlessly. Without an answer he helped me up and into my bedroom where I would try and sleep everything off. I woke the next morning and stared at my white ceiling for an hour before I finally got out of bed. I went through the same routine every morning for seven weeks and then I finally got to start training. Wake up, get dressed, go to the pool, train for 2 hours, take a break, train for another 2 hours, go home. That was my new routine and I was so relieved that my mother couldn’t find a reason to stop me. My routine carried on until finally regionals came. The day when disaster could strike or my dreams could come true. As they called out the positions I jumped onto my block. “On your mark, get set, go!”. The race was on, I pushed off under the water on my back and pushed myself to my limit. I controlled my arm strokes and climbed to the front. My hand touched the wall, it touched it first. My eyes scanned the audience for my dad who taught me that I couldn’t ever say the word, can’t.  That day was the day my dreams were made into a reality.

That Boy by Emily Vains

It’s been bothering my dad for as long as I can remember. I don’t know what it is that’s so hard to let go. He usually tells me his troubles. He’s always reading the same article in the newspaper, looking so confused. This has dragged on for so long it has affected my concentration. I always try to talk to him, but he always tells me, “It is nothing…”

Ding, ding, ding. Finally! This day has seemed to go on forever, like a never ending rollercoaster, just like my life! On the weekend I plan to stop this confusion in my dad’s head, once and for all.

I got home that day and I heard nothing, saw nothing, the house was empty… I walked out the back and found my dad, staring out at the view of the horse paddocks, where we all used to ride, until, mum died. He used to laugh and was always happy. Then mum got terribly sick and… died, well that is at least the story my dad told me. Since then, our world turned upside down.

“What’s going on, why is everything gone?”

“It’s for the better, we’re moving to Perth, for a better life.”


“I’ve packed your bags our flight’s in 3 hours,”

I was so confused…ANGRY! But my dad looked terrible so I just went along with it.

Our flight was four hours but it was delayed for 3 hours. AHHHH! I was sitting next to dad but we didn’t talk much. I fell asleep for a couple of hours then read my book. There was a strange boy sitting in the aisle across. Dad kept on staring  at him and I nudged him to stop. Now dad looked angry and started to get fidgety. I tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t listen.

“Dad stop you’re embarrassing me!”

“I don’t like that boy, I tell ya!”

“How would you know you haven’t even met him.”

“Yes, but I know exactly who he is!”


After the flight I saw the boy. He didn’t have any family with him, he looked like he was 12. Actually come to think of it he looks like the boy in the article. I’m not sure actually, I just got to see the pictures…

We got to our hotel, where we were staying for two weeks, before we moved in. It was 10:00pm so bed time for me! The same car kept on following us on our way home. Maybe they were going to this hotel, who knows.




I got up and ran to the phone dialled triple zero and ran down stairs into Dad’s room. I found the newspaper article, but no dad. I broke down into tears. I may as well read the newspaper. It said: “Felicity, mum of Rosie, wife of James. Murdered in her home by 12 year old boy, never to be seen again…”

“THAT’S MUM! THAT BOY! What about dad? Has he killed dad too?”

Mr Smith by Paris

Once upon a time, there was a History teacher named Mr Smith. He was a very bad and strict teacher. He yelled and became angry at everyone for absolutely no reason. He worked at Camberwell High School, and had 18 students in his class. Three students named Mia Danaher, Jasmine Stokes and Paris Herbert, always got in trouble because when kids got told off, they tried to stand up for those children, however Mr Smith still sent them to detention every time.

One Thursday after school, Mia, Jasmine and Paris were walking home to study for their History project, about World War 1 and 2. They received the task that day, and Mr Smith expected it completed by Monday, so the girls started to feel the pressure. Mr Smith said to them that if they fail another test, they would have to stay in at lunch time for the next eight weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Jasmine said to Mia, “I don’t want to stay in for another detention.”“Yeah,” said Mia, “we can’t afford to miss having our lunch for the next 8 weeks. There is only one way to avoid this whole mess, we need to make sure we get our work done, on time, every time.”

“We need a plan girls”, said Paris, “Let’s all get together Saturday and Sunday, spending enough time on our assignment to make sure we are organised and prepared to get and A!”

The girls worked extremely hard over the weekend and managed to complete every piece of work, they even had time to get together for a celebration afternoon tea on the Sunday as a reward for their efforts.  The girls were very happy and satisfied with their weekend work, and proudly walked into school to hand in the assignment.

During the day at school Mr Smith stood in front of the class to make an announcement, he wanted to acknowledge the efforts of a few children who had outperformed.  Much to their surprise he said, “Jasmine, Paris & Mia have all completed their work on time and have done it to a wonderful standard,” he said to the class. “This is the type of work I am expecting from all of you”.

Jasmine, Mia and Paris couldn’t contain their smiles and happiness and declared to everyone, Mr Smith is not that bad after all.

A Strange Place by Petra

‘Yawn!’ yawned Astrid, she was ready to start an amazing day when a sudden bang caught her attention. In seconds another bang went off… Astrid got ready and climbed on top of the roof to see what was going on. The sound was getting closer and closer, it was coming from the north. Astrid decided to go to her Camellia’s to discuss the strange noise.

When she got there the house was demolished and so were all the other houses around it. “Something strange is going on,” Astrid thought. Suddenly a familiar voice was calling Astrid’s name. It was Camellia, she was racing towards Astrid. “We have to get out of here!” screamed Camellia. “Why?” Astrid asked. BANG! BANG! The sound was getting louder and louder… “NO TIIME! COME ON!” screamed Camellia.

A wave of nuclear bombs demolished Australia with not even a second to spare. Wreckage filled Australia, not a sound that could be heard. Drifting off too sea on a plank of wood was the same girls that were trying to survive the bombs. The same girls that were named Astrid and Camellia… the girls drifted out into the wide ocean.

They stumbled onto a deserted island which was inhabited by all kinds of creatures, but what they did know was that no matter how hard they tried to find water, there was no water on the island. “Greetings, young humans, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you too our island,” explained a strange voice, “the necklace is within your reach.” Astrid looked and found a shimmering necklace in front of her. Engraved on the necklace was ‘beware the beast’ Astrid didn’t know what it meant but it sounded dangerous.

The trees shifted as she was wondering though the forest. Suddenly the trees CAME ALIVE and ran after Astrid! As she was running, an axe was stuck in the ground. “This could be a good weapon against the trees,” Astrid thought, so she picked up the axe and started copping her way through the trees. Eventually Astrid made it back to the place where she woke up from on the beach and wondered what came with her… to her surprize, Camellia was there. She also wondered what the necklace was for, so she put it on just for the sake of it.

Camellia woke to the site of Astrid building a house made out of logs. “What are you doing?” asked Camellia alarmed. “Well… you see I woke up on this beach and I found this necklace, so I put it on and I went wondering through the forest, when I was ambushed by magic trees! I defeated them and then, I heard a voice that said there is no way getting off this island, so I decided to build a house,” explained Astrid. “HA! You can’t fool me Astrid this is a prank isn’t it?” Camellia replied. “I would believe you but I’m too grown up.” After that moment they were never to be seen again.

Sadness of War by Olivia M

It was a stormy Thursday morning on the 17th of September in the city of Moscow, Russia. Grandma Sina and I lay in our beds in our tiny rundown cottage, a shiver ran down my spine as the thunder hit my bedroom window.  I then heard Grandma’s footsteps come towards my room, as the old wooden floorboards creaked. She pushed the door open and with a quiet, scared voice she said, “Darling come and watch the news I’m extremely worried.” Grandma left with a worried face while I quickly jumped out of bed and scurried out to the lounge room. Whilst Grandma sat nervously on the couch watching the television, my heart dropped as I heard  that there was a war happening right that minute, in fact right that second so close to the cottage, so close I could peer through the window and see it happening in front of my eyes.

As Grandma and I sat there crying, frozen in fear, someone was heading towards the cottage. I could hear their footsteps in the corner of my ear. Then suddenly, “Knock, knock,” by the loud knock on the front door. You could feel that whoever was on the other side of the door, they didn’t seem happy.

I clutched onto Grandma’s arm and as we waited for another movement, the intruder crept away onto the dangerous street. With relief Grandma and I ran to our bedrooms and started packing all of our belongings whilst in the distance we heard gunshots and bombs dropping, we decided we had to escape.

About an hour later, Grandma and I found ourselves pushing our way through the bushes with loads and loads of luggage under our arms, trying to find a safe hiding spot away from the danger. With dirt all over our bodies, scratch marks from sticks which bled and a war behind us, I really don’t think anything could have been worse.  Ahead I saw a ship come in to the shore of the beach and thought it could be time for Grandma and I to escape.

But before I could even tell Grandma, she was no longer in sight. I looked to my left, to my right, in front and behind but there was no Grandma Sina to be seen. I sat on the peak on the highest hill, watching over my town being destroyed.  At that point, the large ship was about to leave the harbour. The captain yelled out to me, “QUICK, QUICK little girl it’s either now or never.”

Not wanting to leave grandma, I knew I couldn’t do anything else so I ran towards the ship, crying so hard and I jumped onto the ship just in time. I sat at the window seat looking out to try and spot grandma but I couldn’t see her. After two weeks, we arrived in London. As I got off, I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and I turned around and there she was, my Grandma!

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