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Public Speaking Round 2

Congratulations to everyone on their fantastic Round 1 speeches. As we have already discussed, there are a few common areas many of us could improve on;

*Eye contact


*Making sure we stay on topic

Here are the topics for Round 2, which will be in Week 4. Write your speech early and practise, practise, practise!!!!!

The art of communication is being lost through SMS and email messages.

Professional sportspeople must be good role models.

Betting advertising should be banned.

Searching for life beyond the planet Earth.  A waste of time and money?


Public Speaking Round 1

These are the topic for your Public Speaking Round 1. Your speech must go for 2 minutes.

The minute I opened the door I knew…

Money can’t buy you everything.

We need to act now to preserve our world.

Books – a  journey into the unknown.

Your speech is due Friday Week 2.


At the end of Term 2, we dressed up as a bushranger we had researched and gave a speech to the class about what we learnt. We tried to become our bushranger during our speech and the best three speeches were later performed to the rest of the level. Well done to Paris, Rosie and Milla for being the students chosen to perform their speech in front of all of 5/6 and MR GREEN!!!