June 2015 archive

Iesha’s 100WC

I saw it… Locked away in the glass shop window… It’s awesomeness open to only those who understand the value of these things- Potato chips! I hurried into the store, my purse clutched in my hands and stopped for a moment. I needed a minute to take in the beauty. I didn’t know what it was doing in a cosmetics store, or why I was mesmerized, but I knew that it was essential that I take it. Before I thought it through, I did a fail of a torpedo dive onto the chips and ate them, but it made my tongue tingle…

Olivia’s 100WC

I arrived home excited  to see my mum who had just come back from Japan. I dropped my bag and ran straight to her and gave her a huge hug. “I missed you so much Mum,” I said.  Then she said, “Me too darling and I bought something just for you.” She then grabbed a bag and pulled out a candy packet.  She gave it to me and I opened it,  inside there was popping candy!  I ate it but as my tongue tingled,  I started to jump around. This wasn’t  like the popping candy I had ever had before.

Naythan’s 100WC

“Welcome to Tasty Paris, where all the flavours are tremendous!” said in a French accent “Wow, I’m glad that we saved up our fund for this,” said Lucy.”Yeah,” said Bob. They walked through a marvellous place of scent and savouriness. Bob and Lucy sat down waiting to order. A waiter came with food. He put it on the table. “But we didn’t order,” said Bob. “You didn’t need to order, everything tasted tremendous!” Lucy took a bite. Boom! All the flavours were all right. “I didn’t really like it said bob, “But it made my tongue tingle,”  said Lucy.  

Jacob’s 100WC

“Time to chow down!” roared Jessy. “You won’t last half a second!” cried Geoff. It was the annual chili chowdown competition and Jessy and Geoff had put ten dollar bets on winning. They both started going a speed but then slowed down to a steady pace. Geoff winced but Jessy was going at two a second. “Looks like you can’t handle the heat!” yelled Jessy with her mouth full of chilli. “I’m fine!” replied Geoff looking as if he was to blow. It ended with Jessy winning. “You lose, it was hot, but it made my tongue tingle” she shouted.

Petra’s 100WC

But it made my tongue tingle as I (Alexandra the famous adventurer) was knighted by the king himself.  “Alexandra!” I was awoken from my day dream as I heard an alarming noise echoing in my ears. It was my teacher Miss Woods. “Quit daydreaming and tell me what 6×5 is,” demanded Miss Woods. “Its 30 Miss Woods” replied Alexandra politely. “Correct!” Miss Woods replied sweetly. DING, DING, DING!!! The bell went for lunch. “Hey… Grace?” asked Alexandra “Ya?” replied Grace immediately. “… I had the dream again…,” replied Alexandra swiftly. “Maybe it’s fate,” replied Grace “You never know…,” said Grace.

Paris’s 100WC

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, and I just finished tennis. I said to mum as we were driving, “Please can I have a slurpee, I haven’t had one in ages. I think I deserve one for playing such a good game of tennis.” Mum looked at me and smiled, she said alright but just this once. I screamed with delight. I went into 7/11 to purchase the slurpee, and the person behind the counter said, “Would you like popping candy with that?” I said, “Yes please.” As I drank it through the straw, it made my tongue tingle.   

Aiden’s 100WC

This week on Australian Chef, it’s the finale! The chefs have to cook aussie beef straight off the barbie! Im not talking about the Barbie doll, Im talking about the BarbeQue! Lets begin! Ok it looks like Jessie is cooking up some lamb chops! ooh… Jeff is trying to cook up some sausages, wait… don’t they look grey? Now an hour later the judging has begun. First I try the lamb chops, but it made my tongue tingle. “Oh gross, it is still alive!”. Then I try the grey sausages “OW!! MY TEEF!! VEY ARE BROKEN!! THIS MADE OF ROCK!!”

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