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Homework Club Party

Hi Peeps!

Tomorrow we will have the homework club party for those survivors. Bring your hungry tummies!!! Mrs W has let me know who has handed in their homework today, so hopefully you are still in!!!

See you all tomorrow, ready for Interschool Sport.

MB xx

Maliana’s 100WC

He urged me on to use my money on useless lollies when I could use it to buy a book about Einstein’s creations and methods. “Come on! ”, Charlie said with an urgent but anxious facial expression. “No!”. All the boys and girls got sick about how I used very advanced vocabulary and how my hand shoots straight up if the teacher asks a question. I wondered if I did buy lollies he would think of me as outgoing and formidable so I agreed. I bought three packets of popping candy . He hurried me on and I took a mouthful which I thought would dissolve smoothly but it made my tongue tingle and I screamed in horror.

Charlotte’s 100WC

My mum had given me $5 for the lollie shop. I went in and saw some lollies that said sour sucker, I love sour so I bought 5 packets $1 per pack. As I was walking back home I got out one of the lollies and sucked on it, I was expecting extreme sourness but it made my tongue tingle like sherbet. So I went back to the shop and demanded a refund. The man at the counter said that their was no refunds. I rush home in anger and tell mum. I eat them anyway. They’d be better sour.

Rosie’s 100WC

My teacher Mrs Tellina is so sweet actually as sweet as honey and that is because her name actually is Honey. Her hair is as golden as honey and her favourite colour is yellow. She is so pretty. Anyway enough talk about my crush on my teacher and lets talk about what happened yesterday. First she gave out lollies. She got to me and I took a lolly which was delicious but it made my tongue tingle.  Then after that she went to a meeting and we had Miss Karmy. We had her for the rest of the day. BORING.

Madison’s 100WC

The woman held out the minuscule, ruby encrusted flask to me.

I looked at the tag.


When drank wish for a power and it will be your power.

1 drop at a time, refills with potion when empty.

I unstoppered the flask and let a small drop fall like rain into my mouth whilst in my mind saying “FIRE!”

Everything seemed normal, but it made my tongue tingle.

I looked at reflection of a pond and gasped, my hair was a flame, in my eyes there was a flame.

I turned to the woman, but she was gone.

Emily’s 100WC

Right now I just entered a taste test! It’s where someone puts something in my mouth and I have to try and guess what it is. Just to clarify I am doing this because if you get all three foods right, you get two hundred dollars!

Ok, so the first one was ice-cream (easy). The second one was carrot, and that was pretty easy too. Now if I get this one right I get 200 dollars (no pressure). It’s in my mouth now, and tastes like pepper but it made my tongue tingle then BURN!! IT IS CHILLY!!

I WIN!!!!

Hudson’s 100WC

I just woke up and i was having breakfast and an ad for a new lolly came out. It was called electrified i was excited when i went to school i saw my friend and i told him “have you seen the new lolly electrified” and he said “yes i have have do want to get one after school”. So after school we went to the supermarket and got the new lolly he said that it makes your tongue pop. But it made my tongue tingle it felt really weird but it is the best lolly in the entire world.  

Milla’s 100WC

One Monday, everyone gathered together as a class to tell everyone what they did on the weekend. Lexi told everyone, “I caught a shark”! Which was a total lie. Lexi didn’t realise that there were parent interviews that night. The teacher found out and told everyone what the real story was. Tarny was giving out lollies for her birthday. Lexi had eaten one treat, She was crying out, “It’s making my tongue tingle”.

“You’re lying again”. “But it made my tongue tingle, really”! “Sorry Lex, we don’t trust you”.

Ruby’s 100WC

As I skipped along into “Mr.Wonkas lolly shop” my stomach buzzed around with nervous.I then asked for a triple tongue a lishous, eye POPPING, ear blowing lollipop! I untied the rough red rapper and slowly placed the huge,colourful lollipop in my mouth with fear! But it made my tongue tingle instead of Popping out my eyes or blowing out my ears with steam.I was so relieved that nothing happened! Suddenly I saw a new ad for a super sinking, brain blowing, hair standing lolly pop! Now I knew that this was not going to end WELL!

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