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Canberra Camp by Jacob

BUUUUUZZZ”. I was woken at six thirty and was ready and revved up because that day I was leaving for Canberra. I was ready at seven o’clock because I had everything pre-packed from the week before. I ate some Cheerios whilst watching T.V. After finishing breakfast I woke my sister up with a loud shout and drove to school.


We got there at seven thirty five and left at eight. The bus was fun (not). Finally we got to our first stop, it was at Glenrowan. Glenrowan was point of which the brutal final raid happened with Ned Kelly and it is also where he was captured. Everything in that town was Ned Kelly, there was pubs with Ned’s on their balconies and there was also a gigantic Ned Kelly called, ‘Big Ned’.


This time on the bus I zoned out and read my literature circle book for a bit and it worked, it felt like we were there in no time at all. This time we stopped at a place named Holbrook. At Holbrook there was a decommissioned submarine in the ground that you were allowed to climb on. We met a dog there that’s owner was not there and did not have a collar, we kicked a football to the dog for a bit. After playing with the dog we played tag on the top of the submarine until we left.


I wasn’t allowed to read any more of my book this time so I sat quietly and watched the movie. The next place we stopped was Gundagai. Gundagai is the place where the dog and the tucker box fountain stands. We were also told of the story of the man and the dog. We got back on the bus for the final drive. Another movie was on so I watched it. After a bit we made it to Canberra but we didn’t stop, in fact, we went out the other side of Canberra into the first suburb in N.S.W on the other side of Canberra, Eagle Hawk, where we stayed in a motel named Ibis Styles. We got Ice-Cream for dessert!


That night we competed in tabloid sports. We played bean bag toss, spot things, moving a ring in a circle, memory game, ping pong ball catch in a plastic cup and egg and spoon relay. My team was ‘The Randoms’, we had the highest score on the bean bag toss and the ping pong ball catch and got the second best in the egg and spoon relay by one point. In the end we came second by one point against ‘The Granny Smiths’.


“THUD, THUD”! I was up and I did not want to be. We were woken thirty minutes early because of a time table mess up. Six thirty wake up and breakfast at seven thirty and you weren’t supposed to leave our cabins and also I was kept up by my annoying cabin mates. Best breakfast ever, we had these little german sausages, scrambled eggs, spaghetti (I didn’t have any) and toast. We left at eight o’clock to go to Anzac Parade.


We were due at eleven o’clock at the War Memorial so we took a stroll up and down Anzac Parade looking at the statues and memorials, with Harry Curtis’s Uncle Bob who is in the navy. After we got back it was time for the War Memorial. We took a tour of the War Memorial and looked at everything a little bit but we didn’t get to really take in the atmosphere.


Fresh from the War Memorial we went to the Old Parliament House, but first we had lunch in the rose garden. We did a history of democracy tour and a man took us into the Old House of Representatives. We went to a room where we had a time limit to go and answer questions on touch screens. My team (Jack P, Will K and Me) got 0% of the answers wrong. Afterwards our amazing bus drivers took us on an embassies tour and told us all about them.

After that we went to the Australian Electoral Commission. There we learnt how the voting system works and we had our very own election of fruits. The election works by preference, unless someone has more than 50% of the votes. Then the person with the least votes is eliminated and all the votes from that person moves into their second preferences. Out of Apple, Banana, Peach And Orange, Apple was elected. That night we had Trivia. I didn’t enjoy it at all and it was really boring. My team came fourth.


“We’re up!” I was woken by my cabin saying they were up. We were woken at six thirty, had breakfast at seven and left at seven thirty. We were off to New Parliament House. Once we were there, we were split into two groups and went off to do our activities. My group did a role playing first about government, I was the clerk. We also had a look around Parliament House. We got to go inside the House of Representatives and the Senate.


After that we went to the National Art Gallery of Australia. There was a ball suspended it the air by wires outside of it. We looked at lots of art like Aboriginal art, Ned Kelly art, Abstract art and the famous Jason’s Pollock’s, ‘Blue Poles’. We had a tour with a tour guide and got to have it explained to us. Next we went to the one, the only, Questacon! We looked around and did things and the best thing was the ‘Excite Room’. There was Ice Hockey against a robot, a six meter drop slide and a heart rate tester. We all had a great time there.


Later we went back to the War Memorial to see the closing ceremony. It was extra special because Anzac Day was that Saturday. It told a story of a man who was in the navy and moved to another ship that he later sunk with. That boat was the S.S Sydney, the boat that was the first Australian navy boat to win a battle. That night we went to Mt. Anisle. We were there with a different school that we bumped into and flashed lights in their faces trying to see who they were. We had a late but worth it night.


“Guys, Get up!” I was up first this time and I was ready. I was up at five fifty for a six thirty breakfast. Once we had breakfast we came back to our cabins got ready and left at seven thirty for Telstra Tower. Telstra Tower is a monumental tower owned by Telstra. We went to the outside viewing deck, and had a look over Canberra at nine hundred meters above sea level.


Shortly after we went to the Capital Exhibition where we learnt about who Canberra was designed by and the reason it is made how it is. We also did an activity where we had to design something to put in the city   or something that was already there out of Lego. Tom S and I made a sports stadium but we didn’t quite finish in the ten minutes we were given.


For lunch we ate outside the National Museum and once we were done we went inside. We learnt about a man and his family who migrated to Australia because of World War Two. They said they found this story by finding his suitcase. Afterwards we were toured by a lady who showed us the things we wanted to see but it would have better to have a look ourselves. We also went in a thing called Circa, where we were on seat a that moved with the walls in a circle to different screens looking at the history of Australia.


Then was the highlight of the week. We went to the A.I.S. We had a tour by an athlete and we got to see all around the A.I.S. But the best thing was going in the activity room where we rock climbed, we played wheelchair Basketball, did Skeleton, played virtual A.F.L, kicked virtual penalties and last but not least we did bike racing.


Not long after we got back we had our Formal Dinner. We sat together and had to link arms for the photo and talk to each other. But the good thing was we got to eat food, everyone talked and it was an overall good time. Then we got our PJ’s on and we watched ‘Home Alone One’ together. It was a great final night to leave camp.

“Let’s go, let’s go!”  We were up at five thirty for a six am breakfast and leaving seven o’clock. We were heading home with only one stop. It was a boring drive. We stopped at a playground, had lunch and thanked the bus drivers with wine and chocolate. We got home at five ten. It was a great camp!


Chloe’s 100WC

Summer White and the seven surfers!


In a little town in Mabrouk, there were seven surfers that loved to surf when the sun was shining brightly, like a pretty picture. The  seven surfers names were Billy, Bobby, Frankie, Charlie, Mickey, Mcilroy and Mackie.

“The great old beach,” said Bobby.

“The smell of the fresh air,” said Charlie.

“And the smell of my hair,” said Mcilroy.

Until one day a big wave came and washed out the land. Everyone lost their homes, families and many lives. Twenty years later everything was back to normal and all okay. The beach was so nice that they decided to call it Summer White Beach.


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