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Gerogia’s 100WC

Ahhh! Someone please help me!!

This was me screaming 24 hours earlier, because there was the worst storm in the WORLD. This is what happened. I was with my family when it started to hail, my family were very worried about me. You see I was an only child, my family got me safe in a storm shelter there was no room for them, they promised me they would find shelter. But then the ferocious winds started to kick it, I ran out and shoved my parents in the shelter, it was squishy so I held the doors shut. I was killed by the storms when I was hit by a tree. Yes, Yes I am dead I mean what do you expect when I got here my grandma wanted to know why I was there so soon. Gotta go she’s going to give me a lecture.


Chloe’s 100WC

Casey woke up to the noise of a horrible morning and all she could here was thunder and rain. She was extremely afraid of strong winds and thunderstorms.  Her mum drove her to school and Casey had to get out of the car and she said but what about the ferocious winds. Casey started to worry and came into school crying and everyone in the whole school started teasing her. Casey ran back out of the school doors and bursted out into tears and ran as far away as she could and went chasing after her mums car.

Declan’s 100WC

One night a family called the Robinsons, they were rushing home from a night out at a fancy restaurant. The restaurant had all the fancy desserts with cherries on top. Then out of nowhere a massive storm came along and it started bucketing and thunder was crashing and it was so scary, they got home and in the car they said 1… 2… 3! They jumped out the car and ran inside but the ferocious wind blew stronger luckily they all made it. Once they got inside the little boy said “ What about the guinea pigs we left them outside”.


Charlotte’s 100 WC

The snow was starting to get through my socks, making me colder than I was before and I wasn’t warm before. I’d slipped on the ice and fell on a rock, naturally I put my hand out to protect me, but I smashed it against the rocks. I was trying to get to the hospital, but the ferocious wind was pushing me back. Once I reach the van I pushed open the door and told the nurse what happened. Then the nurse tells me that I have broken a bone and I can’t go on anymore adventures for 6 weeks.

Ruby’s 100WC

The climb up Frost Mountain

Woosh! went the mighty wind as we troubley walked up Frost Mountain.”Keep moving forward!” yelled Justin but the ferocious wind pushed us back.The freezing wind roared as loud as an lion and swirled around us in many shapes and forms.We were now hungry,tired,freezing and resless but we knew there was not much longer to go.We kept climbing and climbing until we reached the top of the mountain.Justin,Jack and I all placed a red flag on the top.At this moment we realised that we were the first men to climb Frost Mountain!

Iesha’s 100WC

“Good evening all witnesses and listeners! This is Trixie Taylor, reporting live from the amazon jungle!”

Meggie’s eyes unblurred and lush green jungle leaves, long tangling vines, and the pink and orange sky slowly came into focus.

“What the- ARGHHH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THERE’S A DEMENTED ELEPHANT ON THE LOOSE!!! RUN!” the news reporter and camera men all looked at her with an amused expression. Trixie continued in her bubbly voice,

“Oh, look! She seems to have woken up! This one here just suffered a recent attack on her by an out of control elephant!” Meggie listened for the sound of the elephant, but the ferocious wind was far too noisy to hear…


Naythan’s 100WC

Once upon time there was a spoiled brat trapped in a castle. Her name was Rapunzel; she was not as smart as others. Rapunzel had no friends only a mum who almost committed suicide. She had brown hair that she dyed gold. The day she escaped the castle, she went shopping. Because she hadn’t gone shopping before she spent all her mother’s money on clothes and shoes. One day a prince came to save her. She said, “Get out of my awesome castle you stupid person.” The prince said, “Okay your loss sister.” He left. Now these days you see Rapunzel at MacDonald’s eating the Big Mac.

Aiden’s 100WC

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jack that belonged to a rich family. But one day Jack’s mum went out to buy some beans, he loved eating beans. When Jack’s Mum got back home she said that the beans were sold out, but she found a merchant called Mr Bean he was selling beans that were cheap so she bought it. Jack didn’t mind because they were beans anyway. Jack ate the beans and strangely he started to fart, until he realised… HE COULDN’T STOP! (until he emptied the air out of him and went to hospital)


James’s 100WC

Far,away in a land long ago, there was a dog called Ben. Ben was black,  friendly and  cute. Ben belonged to Jack. One day, Jack was in school,  his parents at work, Ben  was home,alone. During the day, Ben escaped and went to the park- he  met a stranger-who was an evil he  man and he kidnaped Ben.

Jack came home and couldn’t find Ben anywhere! he felt devastated- he told his parents, who quickly put up missing posters for Ben. Everyone looked for him. Eventually, Ben found Jack, in the park! he had escaped . Jack  called the police and the kidnapper went to prison.

Olivia M’s 100WC

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood. One day she was strolling along the streets  heading to her Grandma’s house. As she walked, she noticed a man dressed in black was following her. When Little Red Riding hood arrived at her Grandma’s house she went in and found grandma lying in bed. Whilst they were talking, Little Red Riding hood noticed some different things about her grandma. “What short hair you have,and what a big nose you have,” she said. Before Grandma answered, the door opened and in walked her real grandma.

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