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Madison’s 100WC

The soul place was beautiful, it was split in quarters.

One quarter was filled with a lake that glittered in the sun.

The second quarter was alight with flame, with flicking orange tongues. The third quarter was woodland that was fresh.

The last was a bear branched field with strong wind. That is where it started, the four protectors were meeting in the connection of the quarters. Wind lost control and fire blew to the lush green earth and the burning trees fell into the shimmering water. The others tried to stop it but the ferocious wind would not cease.


Olivia K’s 100WC

“Quick jump on the monkey bars,” said Jess, “but I don’t know how to,” replied Ashleigh “get up you scaredy cat,” yelled Jess “ok,” whispered Ashleigh. Ashleigh jumped onto the monkey bars.Before she could save herself she fell backwards and whacked her arm on the floor.

Finally Ashleigh could remember why she was in hospital, well that was when her mum had stopped screaming “what did you do to your arm,” “ok I will tell you, well I fell of the monkey bars at school but I didn’t fall on purpose, the ferocious wind threw me to the ground.


Emily’s 100WC

I am on a boat out in the sea. It’s starting to get windy so I decided to sail back in. I’m at the halfway point back to land, and the wind starts to pick up to a level that was ferocious! The sails are flapping and I’m losing control. My boat flipped, and I’m now in the water. I’m swimming as hard as I can but the ferocious wind is pulling me back. I hear the sirens of a patrol boat and I can see a red blur they’ve come to save me and bring me back to shore.

Alex’s 100WC

It was a lovely day and I was inside looking outside the window. I was just about to go outside when a strong wind nearly blew my clothes off the clothes line, but the ferocious wind was so wild I had to go back inside so I wouldn’t get blown away. I ran inside, however the wind was so powerful it was pulling me back. I looked outside the window again and trees were falling down and I started to feel really scared. I jumped into bed and tried to go to sleep, I knew it was going to be difficult, because of the noisy wind outside.

Maliana’s 100WC

I fell to the floor as the bully came slamming into me.Her long golden curls cascading down around her throat.She emptied my bag , stomped on my homework and left her muddy footprints on my lunchbox. She picked up my beloved scrapbook with all my drawings and ripped a few pages away.I screamed at her and struggled against her muscly,bear arms.She said to me:”What’s this?” and she saw my aghast facial expression.She smiled and threw it away and let me go. I ran off following it but the ferocious wind had already swallowed it up.


Milla’s 100WC

“Put that up there son, grab that hook there Lily, thankyou my darling heart, mmmmmmmmmmwster”. “Urrrrrrrr, is dad kissing mum again John”. “Come on kids, if you don’t get working that wind is going to knock down our house for shore”. “Know it won’t”! But the ferocious wind was only getting higher and more dangerous for that night. The parents went off and forgot about the kids still working hard around the house. The parents were laughing, kissing and having fun. They woke up in the night to a huge scream, and woke up in the morning with no kids.


Paris’s 100WC

When I was 5 years old we lived in a place called Warrandyte about 30 minutes from the City.  I loved living in Warrandyte and we had a big property with lots of land and beautiful big trees.  In the summer we would have kangaroos in our front yard looking for water. One very hot day in summer around 40 degrees there was a huge bush fire up the road.  The fire was raging and the ferocious winds made it a lot worse.  Unfortunately our friends lost their house, however thanks to the wonderful community support they were able to rebuild.

Jacob’s 100WC

“Fly, Fly,” he was calling but the but the ferocious wind was too strong. My dad swooped out and caught my. I had that dream thousands of times. Every night after a day of learning how to fly and each day I thought that one day when the winds are strong my dad won’t be here. That day is today. I’m stuck in hollowed out tree and I can’t get back home. I am not even sure where home is anymore. Suddenly my dad appeared at the tree entrance. “I will never lose my most precious possession,” he said lovingly.

Naythan’s 100WC

“We won,” said a little girl. “Look at all this cash,” said a little boy but the ferocious wind  took the cash out of the boy’s hand. Both of them screamed. The money was gone. They were stressed out their minds then they started chasing it and picking up the money, but the money kept flying out their hands. So they gave and up went home with no prize money. But they looked on the bright side, they had had fun. The wind kept going all  night. When they woke up the next they walked outside and they saw money all over the ground.

Aiden’s 100WC

There is was … MY SANDWICH! It was the perfect sandwich I have ever made. With the perfect bread and the perfect ingredients. I had just had to take a bite out of it… but the ferocious wind blew my sandwich right out of my hands, right into (the front) someone’s pants. “What!?!” I was so mad that I kicked something randomly. Until I heard someone scream. It was a little girl I just kicked (accidentally) and it broke her shin! Then Mr Green got really mad and put me in detention for a month… just because of a sandwich!

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