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Georgia’s reflection on Nepal…..

I don’t know where my family are. I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what just happened. But I am alive. The earthquake destroyed everything, there is rubble everywhere there are thousands of people dead. I don’t know what to do. I’m hurt but I’m ok. Thats all that matters I’m ALIVE! My home has been destroyed my family were inside the house, I don’t know if they’re alive or dead. I hurt my leg but I need to help other people. I work at the hospital, well I worked at the hospital which is now a pile of bricks. I am only 22, I have a mum and a dad, I can’t find them. No, no focus help other people, children, elders help anyone don’t stand around doing nothing…HELP!



It’s over. I saved lives, but I still can’t find my parents. The next thing I know an army soldier approaches me, I take a deep breath…He told me that they found my parents bodies, I am silent. My parents are dead. My life is now changing completely I saved so many people and my parents are dead, the two people I care about, I will have to take care of myself now. I will help other people so they don’t end up like me alone, an orphan. But I guess the main thing is I’m alive, I am Alive!….

Jacob’s 100WC

Josey loved grapes. She always bought them and ate them before she got home. This time it was different. Lately she had been very unlucky so when she lifted the lid she was immediately shocked. There were two tarantulas in the sealed bag. She was horrified. She dropped the box and ran all the way home leaving her car at the supermarket. From then on she never even touched a grape or went to a supermarket again. She also made sure there were no spiders, she even campaigned to wipe out all spiders in the world. It didn’t come close.

Ruby’s 100WC

Clunk! Went Ned Kelly’s boots as he walk along the squeaky floor boards of Molly’s house. Molly nearly screamed terrified of the thought that Ned Kelly would find her hidden under the floorboards. “Where are you and your precious valuables?!”Ned Kelly yelled with anger. After an hour and a half of listening to the sound of Ned Kelly talking to himself Molly heard a door slam shut. So as Molly lifted the lid from above her head she jumped up and down in relief to see no Ned Kelly in their house and everything exactly how she had left it.

Young Journalist Awards

Congratulations everyone on your writing piece about some who inspires you. You all wrote beautiful stories and should share them with the person you interviewed. Here are a few of the entries;

Tragedy started a Dream

Would you keep on fighting if everything and everyone you loved you lost? What would you do if you were looking for where you belonged when grief ruled your world. Could you go on?

A five year old girl sat in the back of a car in 1966, in London.This girl had no idea that they were her last minutes with her family. The car slipped off the road and flipped into a ditch. The little girl flew from the damage. A bus drove along moments later and slipped on the same part of road and landed on top of the family car. Days later the girl woke up in hospital with a broken skull. “I desperately wished I’d died too,” says Lesley the sole survivor of the accident.

Lesley was sent to live with distant relatives in Australia. A few years later, she was told of a local couple with a farm and asked if, in return for cleaning out the stables, she could ride the horses. They agreed. “For a few hours after school and on the weekend all my worries were lost.” One day, a 14 year old Lesley came up with a plan. “I’m going to have a farm of my own one day, where people can come and heal.”

Only a few years later this girl became a wife, buying a small property with her partner. They turned their land into the farm they’d been dreaming about for years.

It was the 7th of February 2009, the date of the Black Saturday fires when Lesley got the call that fire was on it’s way. Lesley stayed and fought whilst the  animals were evacuated.Thankfully there was minimal damage.

Years later, this 51 year old woman was recognised for her work as a youth worker. Lesley was awarded the 2012 Pride of Australia Award for inspiration.

This five year old girl believed she would find her way, she dreamed she would help others and her wish came true. Lesley is still devoting herself to helping others. Lesley is the most inspirational person I’ve ever met.

By Madison


Fatherly love 

Now let me tell you about someone that is caring, loving, is bold, will do anything to help anyone. He was like a yoyo having some up and down times. Well his name is John and he is my Dad and I love him with all my heart.

The story begins with my mum and dad meeting at the horse racers. They fell in love and have been together ever since. But they were like a seesaw, going up and down but they still love each other till the end of the galaxy.“Your mum  was pregnant and we needed a bigger home, so I found a great home to live in Camberwell,” said Dad.

9 months later, I was born to see the new world with my two bare eyes. My mum and dad were crying with satisfaction that I was born. Dad then held me with the tears filling his eyes he kissed my forehead and said, “I love you forever and I will never stop caring about my little boy, I love you.” My Dad felt amazed when he saw me for the first time he couldn’t believe how real it was in the moment.

The next sunlight was a day with a new baby called Naythan. My dad did everything to  make me cheerful now that he looked after me all the time. Mum went to work while dad stayed home and took care of me. Dad knew it was going to be hard to take care of me but he did it.

“There was a lot responsibility as it was and when you become a Dad for the first time there is no training manual so we learn by experience.”

Now that this story has is nearly finished. All have say is that he has done a lot for me and tried his best for anyone. I love my dad and I will never stop loving my dad because he is the most outstanding person I know.

By Naythan


A Roller Coaster Ride

The roller coaster started, a  miraculous child was born. This baby was like no other. Have you met someone who has not once in their life given up? Someone who has changed their life for you? Someone who has encouraged you to make the most of yourself? Love and inspiration is exploding in this story of my beautiful mum.

When my mum was in primary school, she was behind in most subjects. The teachers were going to send her to a school for kids that are really behind but she refused. She never gave up on herself and no one expected she would go on to become a psychologist. My mum met my dad, had three kids, and lived a happily ever after. Well, sadly that’s not what happened.

My mum was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer, and that’s when the roller coaster started sinking. Can you imagine going to the doctor and they tell you that you have a disease that only few people survive. My mum went for an operation and came home with a bottle of blood attached to her. Kinder kids screaming and running away. The feeling of sliding down a roller coaster without a carriage.

A year later she was told, “You’re tumors are reaching your brain.” “Some people say I’m going to die,” but my mum gave a hard sigh, and that’s right, she gave it a try. She became a vegan, took tablets and had operations, all for me. You can give a kid a lollipop, and that will make them happy for a day. But my mum gave me love and inspiration, that last’s forever.

Not everything works, so the bumps of the roller coaster were slowing down, when it stopped. But my mums carriage had something still in it. inspiration, and that’s something that will never die.

Roller coasters don’t last forever, sometimes they’re quicker and sometimes they’re better. My mums roller coaster didn’t last too long. “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” I have made a promise to follow my mums famous quote in the way I live my life.

By Milla 


Never Give Up

My brother Patrick is one of the most amazing people I know. I want to share with the world how he inspires me and others each and every day. He inspires me to keep persisting and trying whenever I am struggling or stuck in life because of the way he does this everyday due to his intellectual disability, Down Syndrome.

Patrick is thirteen and he has had Down Syndrome all his life. It is hard for him sometimes because he can not learn as well as others. This makes it hard for him to read, write, speak and do lots of other things that other people take for granted. But as he would always say, “I just love what makes me, me. ”

When Patrick was a baby he would always hit me on the head and that is because of his lack of concentration. Due to his disability, he could not concentrate on things for very long, so he always wanted new things to do, so he would hit me and make a joke out of it. But now that Patrick has grown up he can concentrate on things for much longer but it will always be a struggle for him.

Patrick goes to Ashwood School and he is very proud to be in secondary school. He is always taking responsibility with his work and what ever else he does, he is always ready in the morning to go to school on time. His school motto is “Persistence is the key to success,” and he does persist in everything and that’s what inspires me to always keep trying.

Even now sometimes I turn to him and ask for some help. I am trying to bring awareness of down syndrome, by sharing my brother’s story. I want people to recognise everyone in his school, the community and the world with down syndrome and how hard they try to keep going in life no matter what happens.

So I hope you are inspired by this story because my brother Patrick is so inspiring to me. He keeps persisting, trying different ways to do things and never gives up, as I try and do now.

By Declan






Hi All,

I am trying to share project rubrics with you but some people have full email boxes. You need to go in and delete your emails so that you can receive mine please. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, especially Rosie for your birthday! Good luck at inter-school sports and don’t forget to wear your white tops!

See you all Friday!

Miss Baker

Petra’s 100WC

“Grace come on!” “You’re going to miss the bus!” screamed Holly (Grace’s twin sister). “OK I’M COMING!” replied grace fiercely but the ferocious wind was grabbing her in it arms. Grace got out of bed and was ready in 2 seconds literally 2 seconds flat. Did her homework in 3 seconds flat and was out the front before her sister could say ‘wow’. “Wow… how did you get ready and do your homework in 5 seconds?” asked Holly curiously, “Oh… I think it just a talent I guess?” replied Grace. At school Grace had to do a test and she finished it in 4 seconds flat, and got a ‘A+++’ on her tests every time and on everything she did. It was an exhausting day but they both made in home in one peace.


Olivia’s 100WC

On a sunny day, Jess and her dad Luke, decided to go to the park and fly their kites. Jess’s kite had pink and blue polka dots and Luke’s had black and red stripes. When they both got to the park they held the string tight in their hands as they watched the kites fly in the air. It became very windy and Jess and Luke kept trying to pull the kites down from the sky but the ferocious wind was way too strong!! After a while Jess and Luke had finally pulled their kites down back to the ground.

Hudson’s 100WC

He is a little boy who loved going to the river and looking at all the fish. His name is Jack and, his dad John always took him to the the river they always went camping Jack really loved it until his dad had to go to Melbourne. Jack went camping with his uncle instead he thought that it would be fun but when he got there it wasn’t fun at all. When he was looking at the fish he went to touch one of the fish but he fell in the water but the ferocious wind was too strong.


Rosie’s 100WC

It was a wild and windy day and it was bitterly cold. It was 12 o’clock and we were at school. I was outside creating my gorgeous piece of art. It was a painting of my grandmother.She looked wonderful, she had Silky her dog in her arms and her smile was stretched across the page. I had just finished and stepped away to look at my painting but the ferocious wind blew my easel over and it hit the ground. The paint stuck to the ground. Mr Jones made me clean up the paint. It wasn’t even my fault.  

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