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Goodbye Miss Phillips!

Friday was Miss Phillips last day with us. She has been with us for the past 8 week’s and has taught us lot. We will miss her very much but we are so excited she will be back to help us with Lit Circles! We held a surprise party to farewell Miss Phillips and she had no idea we had planned it.

Goodbye and Good Luck Miss Phillips!

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Paris’s 100 WC

Frank and Mary had just spent the day having a picnic at the theme park and riding the Ferris Wheel, and were talking about what a lovely day they were having. “Let’s take Teddy for a walk down to the pier,” said Mary. “What a great idea”, said Frank.  As they were overlooking the water Mary pointed and said, “What a beautiful sunset”, “Wow” said Frank,“Let’s go and buy some fish and chips and eat them down by the pier so we can sit and enjoy the view”, said Frank.

Charlotte’s 100WC

I walked to the edge of the harbour, there he was as still as a statue, I guess that was a good thing seeing he was a statue. I still wish that he was actually here physically with me . He was only young when the ship sunk.

The captain wasn’t feeling well and was below deck and one of the trainees was steering, it was the dead of night and he couldn’t see the rocks. They collided. His daughter and dog were on the boat as well and he drowned trying to save them. I really wish he was here…


Malian’s 100WC

Water was dripping from the wood into the bay! I’m on holiday with my family and we are with a sightseeing group in NSW. The leader of our group was bustling us around a corner and back into the village but I had to stay at the bay a while longer.I ran across a bridge and stopped when I saw a statue. A lady was sitting on the safety rail and it looked like she was talking to a man leaning on the rail. They had a dog that was tall and stared at-,it blinked! The woman started talking foreign to the man. I then figured maybe I should catch up to the group…..

Milla’s 100WC

I have this boyfriend Ben. But the only problem is, that he hates dogs, and I have one. There is no where for my dog to go. Well, lets look at the bright side. He’s coming over any minute for a date. He finally got here, but i didn’t tell him that I had a dog! As I took him out on the deck I covered my dog with my dress. It was all fine until my dog sneaked up and bit off his scroll of paper. Ben got sooooo angry, he threw me off the deck. That was the WORST DATE EVER!!!

Iesha’s 100WC

Amara walked cluelessly around the dock towards the bit overlooking the river. There must have been some kind of festival going on. Amara could hear the screams and giggles of little children on rides and the smell of food wafting over the river and to Amara, who longed for a taste of SOMETHING for once. She stopped in her tracks when she saw an Englishman a meter or so away. Amara called “Excuse me, could you help me? I’m lost.”

“Certainly. Could you point me where you came from first?” inquired the man, observing Amara disapprovingly

“You English people really should be more polite! Its okay to look different!”   

Jacob’s 100WC

Hi,” said Bill.

“Hello, Bill,” replied Jennifer.

“Bark!” screamed spotty excitedly.

“So, how have you been?” questioned Bill.

“I’m good,” she exclaimed boredly. “I’ve only done a few things this summer like jumping out of a plane with a wingsuit, fighting through a dungeon in the center of the earth….”

“Ohhh, I would like to do that,” claimed Bill.

“Shut up! I was in a flashback,” snapped Jennifer. “Now where was I, oh yes, fight through a dungeon in the center of the earth, So how are you, Bill?”

“I’m going to leave,” Bill claimed as he slowly shuffled away.  

Hudson’s 100WC

It was a story about a man call Tom, a girl called Chloe and a dog called Ruff. They lived close to a beach with a pier and that’s were Tom would always go fishing with Ruff and then he caught an unusual fish it looked like a fish and a shark put together then he was on national television with his wife who was the first one to know other than Tom he was so happy that he caught the fish half shark animal and his wife Chloe was a scientist so she could investigate on the weird animal.    

Georgia’s 100WC

My mum Charlie and my dad Charles, plus my dog Ollie, were touring in Britain. They heard about this special tourist attraction and if you stayed there for long enough, you’d turn into a statue. But of course my parents didn’t believe it, so they went there with my dog. They had to walk so far that when they got there my mum had to take her shoes off. When they were sitting down my mum pointed at a fancy building and then my mum, dad and my dog turned to stone.

I have to go, the orphanage inspectors are coming bye!


James’s 100WC

One day  when my Mum, my Dad and I,  we were going to the British park. When we got there was two people that were talking to each other and the women who had a dog called Jimmy and that  women was called Dorris  and the mans name was Bart. And they were happy and it was a sunny day  and the time was twelve o’clock so it was half way through the day and the fair was going to close at eight o’clock.  It was really busy and all of the rides were full  and there was really long queues.

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