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Iesha’s 100WC

The drum sounded as the exciting event began, the gladiator opponent emerging nervously on the opposing side. The lion gave a deafening roar which echoed throughout the rink and the audience gave screams of terror.The lion, though very confident, eyed off the gleaming sword the gladiator wielded and watched murderously as the light on the sword danced in the dazzling sunlight. The golden maned creature immediately launched towards the frightened gladiator, readied his sharp claws and… A single cornflake lay untouched on the ground. The lion glared at the human, took the cornflake, and slowly backed away. He’d always wanted to try a cornflake!


Petra’s 100WC

“Mum! Can I have a new drum set!” screamed miles, “MILES! I’ve told you one million times NO!” “NOW COME DOWN AND EAT YOUR CORNFLAKES! You’re going to be late for school!” screamed Miles’s mum. “COMING!” shouted Miles. So Miles raced down the and caught his mum dancing. “Umm… mum? What are you doing?” asked Miles, “I just danced? Why do you ask Miles?” replied Miles’s mum. “Mum! I have some exciting news!” shouted Bella (Miles’s little sister). “Me and my friends called ourselves ‘The Flame Lion’ ”continued Bella. “Wow, like anyone will like that,” braged Miles “Quit it Miles,” replied Bella. “Ok kids, off to school,” interpreted their mum “Bye mum,” replied both of them at the same time.


Olivia K’s 100WC

“Wake up,” yelled Mum. “I’m coming Mum,” I replied. I danced downstairs and had some cornflakes. I jumped in the car and we were off to the zoo for Alice’s Birthday. It was so exciting because I really wanted to see the lions. When we arrived at the zoo we raced to find Alice and the first thing that we went to see were the lions. When we got there the lions were putting on a show, they had drums and were banging them. A little while later after visiting all of the animals, it was time to go home.

Emily’s 100WC

CRUNCH!!! was the noise, as the last cornflake on earth get shattered to pieces. RAAAAAAAAA!!! goes the second last living creature on the planet. It is just me and a lion left living on earth, after last nights disaster. An earthquake. As I walk around Africa all I can hear is BOOM, BOOM, BOOM BOOM, BOOM the sound of the drum from last nights festival. It was all so exciting and everyone had danced around until… The earthquake hit. It destroyed everything and everyone I knew except … The lion. Now I am left to die alone in Africa. HOME.

Aiden’s 100WC

O nce upon a time, Aiden was going to write a silly story about the camp he went on but I stole the computer off him and locked the door so I can write this story. Anyway, there was a little girl called Tiana! She woke up with her hair all frizzy like a lion so she went to the bathroom and got her hair straightner. She turned on the TV and had Cornflakes for breaky. Then the ‘Tattslotto’ popped up and it was exciting for her. “Drum roll please!” the TVman said, “12, 53, and 86!” “Yay!” Tiana screamed.


Ruby M’s 100WC

Roreeeee! Went the mighty lion as the African dancers, danced around it. The drummers hit the drum as hard as they could. They all sung at the top of their lungs. The elephants stomped on the earths ground and cracked the surface. Sticks were bashed together and rocks were rubber. The dance was getting even more exciting as it went into the night! A cornflake was thrown to each and every animal that was performing well. They finished off with a mighty bang and crack. I had a great night and this was the BEST dance I had ever seen!


Chloe’s 100WC

I woke up to the noise of a drum. It was mum telling me to get out of bed and get ready for camp. I rushed downstairs and had my quick bowl of cornflakes, I felt sick and had butterflies in my stomach because I was so excited. When we arrived at school I got on the bus and waved bye to mum. After 3 hours we started watching a movie, called the Lion king. On the way there our bus driver put some music on and we all danced around the room, I went so crazy.


Declan’s 100WC

This is Cornflake and his pet lion G-force. This family, it liked odd names. See Cornflake’s mum was called Maleficent and his dad was Heculusie. Hecelusie was a drummer and he had a very fine drum he played in a rock band. His mum was a dancer she would always dance around the house she loved to dance. And finally his pet G-force the lion he was the most excited in the whole family. He was always excited for food, excited for walks and everything else and Cornflake, well can you guess his favourite food!


James’s 100WC

Jimmy was eating cornflake’s.  It was a Friday morning and it was a cold rainy day. He was thinking about his recent holiday he was feeling excited. He had been on a holiday to Africa where he was visiting friends. When he was there he went to a few school’s. To help the teacher’s with the students. He was surprised to see that they had a pet Lion!!!!!  a young boy named Tom played drums and when he did the the Lion danced.  Jimmy was feeling astonished. He realized that the children taught him something different. He was so happy.   

Visit from John Pesutto MP

On Friday we also had a visit from local MP John Pesutto, who is the shadow Attorney-General for Victoria. He came to talk to us about leadership and his role as a politician.  This was very useful and helped us to prepare for our trip to Canberra. We also held a mock parliament session, which was a very passionate debate. This was very fun but also taught us a lot about how a session of parliament is run. A big thanks to John for giving us his time to visit with us.

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