April 28

Paris’s 100WC

On Saturday morning I rose out of bed, and went downstairs to have  cornflakes for breakfast. I was having my first drum session today and thought that it was going to be very exciting considering it is a whole different environment to me.  After playing the drums, I became so excited, as I thought I did well, I then danced all the way to the car.

While I am dancing I often let my imagination flow, and think about what Country I would like to visit.  Africa comes to mind, as there are many dangerous animals such as lions, elephants, tigers, hippopotames and others.     

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1 thoughts on “Paris’s 100WC

  1. Ms. Kelly Team 100WC

    Aloha Paris,

    That would be exciting to learn to play the drums! When proof reading, keep an eye on your prompt usage.
    Keep writing!


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