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Naythan’s 100WC

Good night honey, I hear when the lights turn off, I close my eyes. Crunch, I see someone eating a cornflake. “Bang”, Boom”, “Thud” I hear the drum beating and people danced like there was no tomorrow. It was so exciting, I walk around and noticed a great big lion. I sat there and gazed at it and was in awe of it in all its glory. I walked back to the beating drums and I start to dance with all the cheering people, I danced like there was no-one watching me. I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face.

Georgia’s 100WC

‘Rarah!’went the lion. This is the story of the dancing lion, lets begin. Nugget the lion was the most exciting lion in the jungle. He danced around his drum all day. You see he was a very happy lion and the other lions didn’t like that he wasn’t tough and rough, so one day they put a bowl of cornflakes on his drum. Nugget loved cornflakes but the other lions had poisoned them so when Nugget went to eat the cornflakes he thought they were normal, he took a big bit then…….  


Rosie’s 100WC

I woke up knowing it was a big day ahead and then went downstairs to have breaky and my cornflakes box had  a lion playing a drum in his ute on the front. Wierd! I went back upstairs to get dressed and was so excited because that day we had an audition for the school concert. I was trying out for Mary Lou Will. I walked to school and on the way practised for my audition piece. I got to school and everyone danced around with excitement! All that everyone talked about was the concert audition.. Ding. Dong. School’s in.


Alex’s 100WC

Daisy was just about to eat another spoon full of  her cornflakes when her mum said, “It’s a cold day so why don’t we go to the cinemas today?” Daisy said “YES” so they drove in their car to the cinemas. “I am so excited Robbie,” screamed Daisy. They found their seats, and waited for the movie to start. As they hopped into their seats Daisy’s mum said “ What do you think this movie will be about?” Daisy guessed, “I think it will be about Drums and Musicals. Robbie suggested, “Nah I think it will be about a lion dancing around!! Robbie and Daisy started to dance, Mum Danced too. “Haha, that movie is nothing we guessed!” said mum.

Maliana’s 100WC

“Today we will be learning how to perform the Brise` which we will be using in our concert”, Miss Selene stated as she danced the piece of our concert.

Elise will you please perform the Brise`. I tried to correctly copy her steps as I clumsily sprang into the air and thrusted my feet into fifth position. I heard the other dancers sniggering and I caught the words: Dance and lion.”You can practice”, Miss Selene offered in a mousy voice. When class was dismissed I ran home to my excited rainbow of joy, Cornflake. His ruffled hair was everywhere.I heard the call , as loud as a drum coming from my step sister’s mouth and I ran inside to address to my step sister’s needs.


Madison’s 100WC

My grandfather told me three years ago, that if I put in a bowl 20 Corn Flakes, 1 cup of milk then stirred it 4 times clockwise and 5 times anti-clockwise I would be able to look into the bowl and see, a lion as it danced around a fire to the steady beat of the drum. Back then I got excited by the idea. I tried it but I think grandfather forget a pinch of magic.


Jacob’s 100WC

Yesterday was a rush, it all started with and idea. I was going to make a cornflake drum. It was an exciting build, it took me about four hours, seven packs of cornflakes and a whole lot of duct tape and string. I got my dad to make wooden stabilizers for it and then I tested it. It worked perfectly so I invited my friends over to see it. We all danced the lion dance , the eagle dance, pig dance, science dance (we made all of them up) whole night and we got up in the morning and started again.


Charlotte’s 100WC

I danced around the kitchen. Today I am going to the circus to see the dancing lion and clowns. Once finished the last cornflake in my bowl I got up, and raced out the door.

When we got to the circus we saw a band with a big drum and trumpets. When we got inside the tent the show started and we sat down and enjoyed the show. The show had the dancing lion and clowns, but we also saw someone fall of the tight rope and an ambulance came and rushed him to hospital. That was an exciting day.

Paris’s 100WC

On Saturday morning I rose out of bed, and went downstairs to have  cornflakes for breakfast. I was having my first drum session today and thought that it was going to be very exciting considering it is a whole different environment to me.  After playing the drums, I became so excited, as I thought I did well, I then danced all the way to the car.

While I am dancing I often let my imagination flow, and think about what Country I would like to visit.  Africa comes to mind, as there are many dangerous animals such as lions, elephants, tigers, hippopotames and others.     

Milla’s 100WC

Beeeeeep. That’s my alarm. Better hurry. “My names Grace and I have the lead role in my concert. It is called the dancing Lion, exciting I know”!!! Grace is pouring her cornflakes in to her bowl as one cornflake falls out of her bowl.

Grace is finally backstage. The director is relieved to see Grace there. Only minutes later the curtains open. The music has started and Grace is walking out, and out of no where, achue!!!! Snot flying everywhere out of Grace’s nose. Grace is  embarrassed she starts to run, when she trips over the drum. The lion danced and went on with the show.


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