March 2015 archive

Alex’s 100WC

My husband Bruno, and I are a married couple on our honeymoon to Fiji. We walk onto the plane to find our seats in first class. The plane lifts off and my stomach is turning upside down. I skype my dad and tell him that I will miss him alot on the trip, then when I looked out of the plane window I saw an ocean full of blue, sparkling waves, I also saw an island that we had never seen before. I was amazed at how beautiful it looked. It was the shape of a love heart and it reminded me of how much I love Bruno.

Maliana’s 100WC

I stealthily crept up the line and pushed my way to the front.”Next”, the attendant called impatiently. “Sorry,” I said but wasn’t really sorry at all. I handed her my passport and she put a stamp on the corner of my second page. I wondered if anyone saw me jump the line. I was flying to France which took 14 hours. I flipped through my travel guide because I was bored when they started demonstrating the ‘if-the-plane-crashes’ stuff. I set up my Wi-fi on my computer  and then looked out the plane window and saw a group of whales breaking the waters surface. It was an amazing sight.

Ruby’s 100WC

“Goodbye Sarah!” my mum shouted as I walked through the  tunnel that leads to the plane .“Its all going to be ok,” I whispered to myself as I stepped onto the jumbo jet. I sat down, put on my seatbelt and shut my eyes,  as we took off I slowly dozed to sleep. When I woke up I smelt something burning. I started to look around, then when I looked out of the plane window one of the wings were on fire. We quickly made an emergency landing and evacuated. From that day I have never flown on another plane!

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