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Madison’s 100WC

My eyes opened, the light was a dim blue. Where ……. I wondered looking around me at the rows of seats when a memory came back to me, there was a young woman holding a baby when a mechanical voice spoke, “Passengers, I’m afraid to say that our plane will soon drop,” then a wail of a young baby then black. I looked behind me and there floating in midair, a young woman, her lifeless eyes marked with fear. No, but there it was, a blue eyed baby, tightly in her arms.

James’s 100WC

I was off to Wales to see Grandpa, with  Mum and  Emilia. With packed bags and with our tim-tams, the plane engine started to move off the tarmac. Travelling took a whole 23 hours!! It was nearly a whole day. The journey was 2 stops altogether, stopping  at Bruni and 8 hours later at Dubai. Those were the stops that we did. Then when I looked out of the plane Window I saw  we were landing.As I looked out of the window  I saw that there was a cloud just like my Grandpa and my Uncle.


Isha’s 100WC

It was early Monday morning, dawn to be exact. I rolled out of my bed and fell asleep. I awoke again some 2 hours later and found myself sprawled eagle on the beige carpet. I yawned, mustering as much energy as possible to open my mouth. “SHOOT!” I said aloud, abruptly realising that I hadn’t done my homework. I sprinted out of my room and got started on my homework. I yawned again. Then, when I looked out of the plane window, I saw two fluffy little bluebirds sitting in the cherry tree. She knew exactly what she was going to do for her homework.

Liv M’s 100WC

Yesterday, my family and I were getting onto the plane heading to Europe.  First my Mum showed the flight attendant her ticket, then my Dad, my little brother Timmy and finally me. As soon as we found our seats the plane took off.  The engines were as loud as a lions roar.  As I was sitting chewing my gum I started to watch a movie but soon fell asleep.  After what seemed like no time, the attendant woke me up for breakfast.  Then when I looked out of the plane window I saw Europe! It was so beautiful.

Dec’s 100WC

I jumped on the plane with excitement, we were going to Australia! I couldn’t wait to leave the Big Apple, New York and search places that I have no idea about. This is going to be great, I can’t wait to get there! “Hurry up this is taking so long!” I shouted at mum. I’m tired I’m falling aslee… (Snoring). “Rise and shine,” mum said. I woke up and then when I looked out the plane window I saw a beautiful Australian Sunset. It was so beautiful that I fell back into my sleep and waited until we were there.

Aiden’s 100WC

While my family were going to China by plane, I was just leaning on the arm rest with nothing to do. 3 minutes later I noticed orange light coming outside of my window, “it must be the chinese lanterns,” I thought to myself. I am now excited because I thought we were nearly there, then when I looked out of the plane window, “WHAT THE…” I realised the orange light was the plane wing catching on fire! I  saw that everyone on the plane started panicking as the plane was crashing and the last thing I heard was a big loud boom…..

Chloe’s 100WC

Mum and I are taking a flight to America. We are going tonight. Our flight’s at 7:00pm. We are at the airport and we’re getting on the airplane now. I heard a loud noise coming from the speaker, airplane 1, gate 2 to America. We got onto the plane and when I looked out the plane window, I saw a pretty mountain in the distance and the beautiful seas of the world that you never get to see in this way. We have landed and I’m very excited to be here. Hello America I’m coming for you.

Liv K’s 100WC

One night when Mum and Dad had just left from saying good night, I looked out of the plane window and saw a rainbow with gold underneath it. I decided that I would get my emergency hammer and smash the plane window and steal the shimmering gold. I got my hammer and smashed the plane window open and quickly ran and got the gold and brought it back into my room and hid it from my brother, Josh. The next day I told my Mum and Dad and we became the richest in the street. We lived happily ever after.


Emily’s 100WC

I’m totally freaking out here, I’m on a shabby plane with a mask around my mouth, mum says it will be ok, but I don’t think that it will, I’m going to die today.“Think about something funny it will help, we are landing on the next island the pilot spots.” mum anxiously said. I tried to think of something funny but my life isn’t that much fun at all. Then when I looked out of the plane window, I saw ghost island, “I’m going to die, just die!” I say. Wish me luck at my last day on earth!

Rosie’s 100WC

I leant over to grab my bowl of chips and soft drink from the table and then when I looked out of the plane window I saw a giant cloud shaped like a furry teddy bear. Home I thought to myself. Home. I miss it so much. Now I am stuck in a plane but I guess I am in 1st class and so I can’t complain. I miss my family so much already even though we only just took off an hour ago. After an hour or two of waiting we are finally nearly landing. Here I come Hawaii!

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