Week 9, Term 1


This week we had a very busy week. On Monday morning we had a responsible pet ownership talk, about how you should take care of our pets and what responsibilities you need to own a pet.We also learnt how to approach a dog and what to do to control a dog when it is angry.

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Also on Monday we had Gabrielle Wang come in to talk to us about how to write and illustrate. We had a drawing lesson and got told some great stories. Gabrielle Wang said that it can take her weeks and weeks to draw all of her pictures.

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On Wednesday we had a very educational first aid awareness course. We learnt how to put people in a recovery position and how to do CPR. We had lots of fun and it has now opened our eyes on how important it is to know how to do these things. We also learnt how to do doctor ABC which stands for danger response Airway, breathing, recovery and then CPR.

By Georgia and Chloe

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Performances and Maths Games

To complete our writing unit we have been writing and rehearsing plays in groups.  Some of the plays we wrote were called, “The wedding dress”, “Save your sister” and “Dolly 8”.We then swapped our plays with another group and performed these plays on Wednesday the 25th of March in front of parents, students and Mr Green. We practised these plays many times and had lots of fun rehearsing and dressing up.


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We also had made a probability maths game in groups of two, it could either be fair or unfair.We showed and played these maths games with parents and the other 5/6 students. We put lots of hard work into these games and they turned out fantastic. We had a great day!

By Olivia and Ruby

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