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Aiden’s 100 WC

Once upon a time there was a boy called Timmy. Timmy felt very worthless because he couldn’t climb the highest tree in school. Everyone laughed at him because they all could climb it. Timmy felt very miserable about it, until he found a grey sandwich on the ground. There were whispers all around saying, “Eat the sandwich! You must eat it now…” So he ate it and he realised he was floating.  Then he started flying. “I can fly!” he started laughing like a hyena and flew up to the top of the tree and felt really happy.

Paris’s 100 WC

Once upon a time on a cold winter’s day the clouds were grey and it was pouring down rain. I reached into my bag to get my umbrella and rain jacket.  As I pulled out my umbrella and opened it, a huge spider came out. I screamed so loud, it was like the whole school could hear me. I was so embarrassed. Then it was lunch time, I pulled out my sandwich and ate it, it was delicious. After lunch it was playtime, so I climbed to the top of the slide and went down it, and played with all the other equipment. Later we went inside, I was so miserable because I didn’t want to go back in to study about a hyena before we went home.

Naythan’s 100 WC

On one miserable morning my close friends died by a vicious brown hyena.  It was distressing. Because of my distress my old folks told me, if I fly across land to Iceland, I will find a grey hyena that protects the living. He survives by eating animals that have already died and left over sandwiches. After flying to Iceland, I looked and found the grey hyena, after a conversation he gets up and climbs Rocky Mountains where he finds the brown hyena who kill my friend.  I have a bird’s eye view of the grey hyena; the sandwich that was on the ground was squished. The Grey hyena tackles the brown hyena and tickles it until it never eats anything alive again. I say “thankyou.”

Welcome back

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to 2015! We have already been busy in our first couple of days back at school and are settling into the new year quickly. Some things we have been focusing on so far are:

Working in Teams

We have learnt about the different group roles, which are; leader, reporter, collector, timekeeper and team member. We have discussed what each role involves and the importance of each role in making a successful group. To practise working in a group we completed the Marshmallow and Pasta challenge. Each group competed to make the tallest free-standing structure within a given timeframe and with a limited number of items. It was harder than it seems and we had a lot of fun trying!

P1120744 2



Habits of Mind

The Habits of Mind are thinking tools we use when having to solve a problem. There are 16 Habits of Mind and so far we have learnt about persistence. First we worked in small groups to brainstorm what persistence is and when we need to show it. We then practised showing persistence by learning how to ‘finger knit’. We were only given the instructions to follow and some wool. Many of us found this very challenging but knew the importance of persisting with something, even though it may be difficult. Most of us finally got the hang of it by the end of the session.

P1120774 P1120802



The values we have learnt about so far are Responsibility and Respect. We discussed the importance of being a responsible buddy and leader of the school. We also wrote some raps about respect and how we can show this towards others. Mr Green came to watch our raps and was very impressed!

P1120822 2

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