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Maliana’s 100WC

I hastily tied up my laces when I heard  my brother untying his bike. I ran out the  door and   asked him if I could go to the shops with him. “ Fine”, he said as he pedalled down our driveway. When we got to the shops I bought 4  lollies. I sat on the footpath outside our house and unwrapped my lollies , inside I found a  piece of chewed gum  in the wrapper.

I went back and argued with an assistant. “ I found this gum inside my  wrapper” I said “Sorry packaging problem” the lady muttered.   “ But it said sweet on the wrapper” I yelled.

And thats how my money went down the drain.

Chloe’s 100WC

I was walking down the road and I saw a candy store  the candy store is called candy for kids. I walked in and I saw mum standing right there I was supposed to be home by now but i’m not  mum was obviously getting me a special treat I don’t want her to see me I looked at a lolly that I want ‘’but it said sweet on the rapper’’ and mum doesn’t like me having sweets oh no shes seen me. Get home now she said oh no.


Charlotte’s 100WC

My friend handed me the lolly and I pulled the ends of the wrapper to open it. Inside I found a round orange lolly, I looked over to my friend and she had a purple one in her hand. 3…2…1… we popped them into our mouths and started sucking them. Suddenly my friend started making faces that looked like she had just sucked a lemon dry. I must have been making the same face because she started laughing and spat her lolly on the floor. I started laughing too. It was REALLY sour, but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper.


Petra’s 100WC

“You, girl does this taste funny to you?” asked a strange women. Lulu took a bite and said “Sweet I guess?” replied Lulu “WRONG!” shouted the strange women “But I thought it was sweet?” replied Lulu in a confused voice. “Well I’m done here, goodbye strange little girl,”said the strange women. suddenly a struck on lightning struck down behind Lulu. “WOW! Did I do that?” said Lulu “I wonder what else I can do?” said Lulu. It took all day but finally Lulu realized she had all the powers in the world. For the rest on the day Lulu was happy playing with her powers.

Olivia K’s 100WC

Sophie and Julia were skipping down the winding road when all of a sudden Sophie said “ lets go to the sweet shop.” As they walked into the sweet shop they both knew what they were going to get, the Raspberry Extra Sweet Lollipop. Sophie and Julia bought the lollipops and ran home as quickly as they could. When they got home Sophie took her first lick of the lollipop. Sophie said it was horribly sour and she was not going to eating anymore. “But it said sweet on the wrapper” said Julia  “ oh well we now know for next time.”

Jacob’s 100WC

I’ve been waiting for it all year. A lolly that aprently is the best lolly ever. Now i have it, here I go. Wow, really all that for a bad lolly. But it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper, wait a minute, it says that it would make bad things taste sweet. I guess i’ll try it on the floor, this better work. Wow, thats delicious, i’m never stopping. garbage, toilet paper, off milk all taste so good. why can’t they always taste this good. Now, finally back to the things I love, wings, chicken wings.

oh god this tastes disgusting.

Alex’s 100WC

The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting. Jim wanted to go to the milk bar to talk to his friends. His Mum did not allow him to go because he was grounded. Jim decided to sneak out of his house and go to the milkbar anyway. He jumped out of his bedroom window and ran to see his friends. When he arrived, Harry, Ben and Jim went inside the milk bar and bought some sweet lollies. Jim was worried that his mum would find him missing, so he quickly ate all the lollies. All of a sudden he spat out the lollies in his mouth. “YUCK, these lollies are sour, But it said sweet on the wrapper!”


Isha’s 100WC

It was a pleasantly sunny day at school today.

My arch enemy seemed to be lingering around my friend and I, just waiting to pounce. I started to get annoyed, so I called out

“Hey Sophie, whatever you’re planning, you’re doing an amazingly bad job of it!”

Sophie staggered out of the bush she was hiding in, covered in dirt. She said “Here ya go. I just wanted to give you this, as an apology…” I eyed her off suspiciously, then ate the lolly Sophie had given. A sour taste prickled in my mouth.


Aiden’s 100WC

Timmy loves it when he gets sweets from Grandpa Bob until one day… “any more sweets for me Grandpa Bob?” says Timmy “Well I have only one left for you,” says Bob in disappointment “well can I eat it?” Timmy asks, “Sure” says Bob. Timmy shoves the lolly in his mouth until he realised “HOLY COW THIS IS SO SOUR!!!” shouts Timmy as he spits it out, “It’s like I had TEN WARHEADS IN MY MOUTH!!”, “It’s meant to be” said Bob “but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper!” said Timmy, “that is the name of the brand” said Bob.

Emily’s 100WC

So there I was, on the curb of my street staring at my lollie wrapper “I don’t understand” I said angrily. There was a rock inside of my lollie wrapper, that I had spent $2 on. But it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper? What a rip off. After 1 hour on the curb, I took it back to the shop. I got there and locked up my bike. But unfortunately the shop was closed. I looked at the rock and through it onto the ground… it opened and had a yummy sweet mentos inside, just what i was looking for.


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