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Dec’s 100WC

The couch waited for its next victim, it had not been sat on for a very long time. The couch was evil when anybody sat down, it sucked them in and kept them there for the rest of their life. Wait here comes someone, the couch gets ready, wait for it…. BAM! He sat down and before anyone could see as quick as light speed the couch sucked him in and gobbled him up. But when the couch swallowed him he hit its jugular and they all came spurting out and now the couch waits for his prey once again.

Ruby’s 100WC

Of the year 1939, planes flew and bombs dropped over the town called Hampton. Many people were separated from their families and were sent off to war. People died and houses were destroyed.One house had been completely destroyed, except for one thing, the family couch. This couch survived the war and did not get destroyed. They took away this couch and stored it in a special museum. In memory of the family, they have built a stone couch in the exact same spot as the original. No one uses the couch, they stand and remember.

Paris’s 100WC

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was walking past an old abandoned home, when I saw what I thought was a comfortable old sofa. When I stopped to look closely I sat on it, and found out that it was a massive piece of stone. It was amazing how real it looked from a distance, they had even carved in the buttons in the middle of the pillows, and they have also carved a sleeping cat on the top ledge of the couch, it looked spectacular but it was to hard to sleep on so I packed up my stuff and went home.


Isha’s 100WC

Venus lay sprawled on the sofa, boredom circulating all over her body.

“Muuum! I’m BORED! Gimme some snacks, eh?” her mother’s shrill voice sounded from the kitchen

“You just ate five minutes ago! And don’t you talk to your mother like- “


“You do know we live in a cave, in the forest, Venus! You’ve become so demanding, ungrateful and lazy ever since you father invented that couch! We are cavemen! Wake up to life!”

Venus glanced at her surroundings: Vines grew in a tangle around their cave and trees towered above them. Laziness meant surrender…

Emily’s 100WC

“Help!” I cried no-one answered. “Right now i’m stranded in the jungle on what looks like a rusty stone couch with a fake stone cat on the top. I mean seriously, who would just randomly build a stupid couch in the middle of a random jungle?  I mean totally weird. Anyway I’m here because I was playing hide and seek and I ran in a mad panic to this spot. Strangely now, I don’t know my way out! So it’s just me all alone to die on this old crumbly couch with nothing to eat nothing to drink, just me here, alone forever.

Chloe’s 100WC

Jack and Maizy were walking around in the playground. They went into the bush and it said on a picture frame, that was half broken, step inside this bush and you will find something magical inside. So Jack stepped in, then Maizy stepped in to.  Sitting there was some sort of flying magical couch. It was as hard as a brick. Maizy and Jack sat on it and away they went. They flew off and landed in a place called Egypt. They decided it was way too hot so they went back and landed on the slide in the playground.


Alex’s 100WC

There is a special place I like to go. It is in a nature park near my house. There is a lovely couch made of beautiful stone. It looks like a hard, cold couch but when I sit on it, I feel relaxed and peaceful. I hear a sound, it is not a sound you hear everyday. It’s like someone laughing and pecking trees. A Kookaburra is making that noise. There are many sounds around the area like birds, wind, people and cars but my favourite of all is the Kookaburra. I love going to the couch its a special way of relaxing.

Naythan’s 100 WC

Nana has cat called Sleepy. She sleeps on the couch all day. Nana usually sits on the couch, pats her on the head while watching TV. When we visit my little sister usually hogs Sleepy, and then we usually sit on nana’s couch. We turn on the TV, then we watch a movie that we haven’t watched before. After that I usually play on my 3DS or watch TV. Poppa usually watches the TV shows and movies with us. Sometimes on the school holidays my dad pops in and stays for lunch and then after a couple of minutes later we leave.

Hudson’s 100 WC

My friend and I were walking through the jungle and we saw a couch made out of stone. When we were sitting  on it, the couch turned and there were stairs leading down to a magical place. We had no idea what just happend, so we  went back up the stairs and talked. We decided that we wouldn’t tell anyone and came back. The next day and instead of a fun magical place, there was nothing there! So we sat on the stone couch with a cat we found.

Madison’s 100WC

Lily walked through the forest where her parents had disappeared. Some people said they just vanished into thin air, but Lily didn’t believe. Tonight she had ventured out to find her old home.

She weaved through the trees and then stopped suddenly, for before her was a stone couch with a cat on the back. She sat down and it became soft and on each side of her someone appeared, a woman with raven black her like Lily’s and on the other a man with emerald green eyes like hers.

“Mother, Father?” she said and they both hugged her, “Yes!”.

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