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Charlotte’s 100WC

I know the path through the forest pretty well now, I’ve been through here about 50 times but never before have I seen this cottage. Actually I’m not quite sure what it is, but all I know is that I’ve never seen it before. I open the creaky door, and right in front of me is a couch, but the wall behind it on the floor in a million tiny pieces. I look around the house to see if I can find someone there and since there is no one there I decide to make this my secret cubby house.

Aiden’s 100WC

Marge: Homer don’t watch TV with your beer you’ll spill the beer and the remote again!

Homer: Oh Marge please… lets me at least drink the beer!

Marge: Ok but you have to do something else while you’re drinking it

Homer: Like playing on the myPad? (iPad)

Marge: NO!

Homer: The Computer?

Marge: NO!

Homer: The Zii? (Wii)

Marge: NO, NO, NO!

Homer:Ok then I’ll put the beer away… wait where is it?

Marge: Its spilling over the remote!

Homer: Do’h!


Homer: Awww… the TV sucked in the couch!

Marge: Wow it looks really ugly in there

Petra’s 100WC

In the dark and gloomy night, I heard squeaking noise that came from the middle of the deep, dark forest.  Mum always said don’t go out after dark but I’ll take my chances. I packed some food, but only if I got hungry. I crept outside avoiding my mum. I met a huge bloodthirsty werewolf. I took my chances and ran straight at him. I was quicker than the speed of light. He tried to bite me, but I picked him up with my super strength and threw him on the ground so many times he died. I finally got to the middle but it was only an old couch and a magic cat was on the couch and that’s the end of my speech.

Rosie’s 100WC

It was Friday the 13th and I was sitting on the bright, yellow couch and I was so engrossed in my book that I didn’t notice that a black cat was climbing onto the couch. Stone man was coming (he is a man that turns everything into stone.) I didn’t know what to do so I hid behind the couch and then ‘BOOM’ the next thing I know the couch is stone. I popped up thinking that stone man would have gone.Then he tried to turn me into stone and luckily I ducked and it hit the black cat.

Olivia’s 100WC

On a wet winter’s day, my best friend Layla and I were wandering through a mystical forest. As we walked past some tall trees and glowing ponds we noticed a grey stone couch with a stone cat on top of it.  We both walked ahead through the trees and over the bridges.  When we walked past the couch for the second time heading home, the stone cat had mysteriously disappeared! All of a sudden we heard a, “Meow” in the distance. Scared, Layla and I sprinted out of the forest thinking the stone cat had become real!

Milla’s 100WC

Tim and Sam get ready for camp. There on the bus and they finally arrive. “Ok kids it’s unpacking time. Our first activity is is the Garden of Sigletren.”

“Hello, I will be your tour guide for today’s activity. First I will tell you the story of Ally’s chair. An old lady sat on her seat one day, that she bought for 1 penny. The seat all of a sudden just told her the future! In fact it told everyone of her friends their future and now today people sit on the seat and let it tell them the future.”

Just as Tim sits on the chair…

Jacob’s 100WC

“Honey, i’m going out for a bit,” exclaimed Madeline. “Ok bye, finally some peace and quiet. Couch Time!” shouted Jum. Jum walked down the stairs and to his surprise there was no couch! “Cruel, cruel world. Why you do this to mee!” cried Jum. “I Will Find You Couch!” Yelled Jum. So Jum set of one the journey of a life time. He walked up the street and back and also around the block but it was no where. “My last chance would be at the park,” muttered Jum. There it was but it was different. “My couch is stone!”       

Liv K’s 100WC

I was on a bushwalk talking on my phone. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted an old and rusty bluestone chair with a stone cat on it. I was very tired so I went and sat down on it. Then the chair moved and sunk underground to a waterfall made of gold and I found little creatures down there called Oomperloompers, they looked very funny. I slept overnight down there and thought I might live here. I got the Oomperloompers to build me a house, they did what I said and we became the best of friends.


James’s 100WC

One day when I was riding my bike along the bike ride that I go on my route and halfway.  I saw a stone chair with a stone cat and some leave’s on it and  I had a sat on it. And when it got around 5:00 I started to go home for dinner. I just got home on time that I said to Mum and it was on a Saturday and then the next day I went early on my Bike ride but I did not stop this time Because there was someone sitting on it.  

Georgia’s 100WC

And go….. that was the starting point for the easter egg hunt. I’m Georgina and today I was in the woods with some of my friends for a easter egg hunt. We all split up to find some chocolate and after about 3 hours we all started to head back except for me ok, ok here is the rest of the story. So we are on an easter egg hunt blah, blah, blah and I suddenly stumbled upon a couch. The couch was really soft and looked brand new so I sat down but then I suddenly fell through and……

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