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Emma’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find a small child. Not the person he was looking for. Not an unusual thing in the world. But a child. The child looked just like him and acted just like him. ‘It’s a mini me!’ he said happily. He has never been so happy before. Never been so excited. This little child reminded him of his childhood days. The days that were happy. The days that were actually fun. Today is so different. No people to play with not one cute cottage. Just factories and darkness, and now he is going to make a change.

Ed’s 100WC

As I shivered, they crawled closer moaning in pain and screeching the ground with their fingers making scratch marks. I run into the room behind me and lock the door, I breathe and step back hearing scratching on the door, the shadows of those figures under the door. At the blink of a eye everything goes quiet, I look around to see anything but everything is lifeless, I hear something above me I look up at the wall and examine it nothing, I look away and then look back up at the wall and see a hand scratching the roof.

Lloyd’s 100WC

As it shivered we quickly called the vet. The vet told us to bring him over now, so we quickly ran to the vet. We had to wait ages for the vet to say “George and Zara” but the time eventually came. We were waiting to see what was wrong with this poor thing. “ it seems as if this dog was bitten by something. It is very serious and we will have to have surgery.”

One week had passed and the dog was finally recovered from the bite. Zara and I decided to keep him and name him Buffy.

JT’s 100WC

They were walking down the alleyway looking for their pet cat. Later we checked if it was in the rubbish bin and yes it was. As it shivered they picked it up and put it in a blanket. Nice and cozy. That night they turned on the fire and threw the cat in, to keep it warm. More hot. More like burning. More like dead. They took the cat out, and cried for the rest of the night. The parents only cared because it cosseted 1000 bucks. They were angry and use their anger on the kids so they threw them in the fire as well.

Michaela’s 100WC

My best friend – she is called Connie – is sitting in my room with me holding a box of some sort. Connie are practically sisters. Seriously. We adopted her when she was 3. We don’t know that much information about her birth parents.

Connie starts to open the box she is holding and takes something out it looks like a picture of some sort. My parents walk in. Here hand, as it shivers, they walk out slowly like nothing happened. Connie’s eyes are spread widely looking at the photo she didn’t know she was pulling out.  “Connie is that your parents?”

Eloise’s 100WC

“Well, that was tiring,” Olivia wheezed as she was catching her breath. “It was definitely,” I said as I peered over the trees to see a little village with gorgeous houses. Olivia and I take our selfies with the view behind us and decide to walk down. We pass a family or two on the way, as we were passing a family I saw a bird out of the corner of my eye. The air is freezing. The other family look at the bird, as it shivered, they kept it warm and that was the last of the climb

Madison’s 100WC

The clam opened to reveal a girl with hair silver as moonlight, skin as pale as snow and glittering sapphire eyes, as it shivered, they came, the forces of the sea.

The force of darkness that you found in ocean caves, black hair twisted around their dark skin, dark eyes determined.

The force of heat you found in sea cannons, red hair short to their shoulders, skin orange of flames, eyes red as hot coals.

The force of water that splashes over your toes, green hair swaying, blue skin shining, yellow eyes gleaming.

Which would get the moons treasure ?

Emma’s 100WC

Once there was a girl who got lost in a rainforest because someone or something was following her until she was lost. The rainforest was humid and wet. It was hot at day and freezing at night. She had been in the rainforest for around 1-2 days and she is still alive. She was searching for food until she came across something moving in the bush. They creature popped out and scared the girl so she hid behind a tree. She realised that the animal was not any animal it was her pet. As it shivered, they continued searching……….

Brooke’s 100WC

 On the 31st of October, four boys walked passed a cemetery while they were trick treating on Halloween night. Matt, James, Jim and George stoped and stared at the cemetery. They were two blocks away from Jim’s house. When they were standing in front of the cemetery Matt said “Let’s go inside” and opened the door.

As they walked into the cemetery the boys started to hear loud spooky noises. All of the boys, expect for Matt were scared. As they walked a bit further they saw a creepy dog and as it shivered, they ran for their life…………… 

Will’s 100WC

Ahhhhh snake!!! Someone yelled out, it’s so hideous. A crowd started to slowly come. Every one was throwing up with how ugly it looked, as it shivered, they would go blind by the ugliness. As it poked out its lips people would faint because the lips had warts on it. It was playing with toy cars for some reason. Someone was about to call the police when I yelled out “STOPP”!!!! Guys, this isn’t a hideous ugly snake. I just realised this is my brother, Billy. “What was that about?” Billy said.  “no, just no” I replied. Poor little billy.

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