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Will K’s 100WC

He was shocked to find his creator, the one who had got him into to this position of this power.  The Creator jumped out of the sack and said to the startled guards, in his weak little voice ‘’ somebody give me a sword.’’ As the guards all stepped back in fright he snatched a sword from the smallest soldier.  After about 3 minutes of The Creator stabbing, choking and doing anything to kill the guards he was left standing 5 feet away from The Lord of Nuth. Angry and cross, The Creator sprung forward and violently killed The Lord of Nuth.

Liv’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find a small little girl’s body inside. She tried to launch out of the bag to run away but she had no chance. The lord and his guards stood there frozen, while they stood in shock the small girls crept out towards big black gates. On her way out the girl chose to lock the lord inside his own gates and ran free. Once the girl was out she had no time to slow down. She knocked on everyone’s front doors and said to each family ‘’the lord and his guards are locked up, we’re free!!’’

Lloyd’s 100WC

He was shocked to find the tiger dead in his shelter in the zoo. One of the most popular animals at this zoo, how could it have been killed? Suddenly he heard a rustle in the bushes behind him, he turned around. Who was it and what did it want, is it the killer. Jim crept closer and closer to the bush until finally the figure disappeared into the bushes. It must’ve run away, he thought. Jim started sprinting after it, desperate to see if it was the one that killed the most popular animal in the zoo.

Alex V’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find the animal escaped he got so angry he sent out the
robotic that found the creature to find it again. He was so angry all his
robotics ran to him and asked what happened. The robotic went looking out
all night but couldn’t find him not one single thing. When Nulth went to
check the other robotics they were all gone they have had escaped. Later
that night the other robotic didn’t end up coming back. So the rest of his
life he had no bad in him anymore. He lived by himself not getting to do
anything evil again.

Eloise’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find an egg sack full of baby spiders in the sack, “More animals,” Lord of Nulth yelled, “You know the rules” he bellowed to his robot guards, “We are not allowed to have any type animals younger than 21 weeks old on premises.” The guards were shocked and hurried away with the egg sack and hid it out of sight. Once the spiders hatched out of their eggs they crawled back into the sack on the other side of the town. The silver spiders have lived there ever since and have never been noticed by anyone.

Alex D’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find a huge, hairy spider which had five eyes, twelve legs and it was black! This wasn’t a spider you would see normally. I got really scared, was in venomous? Or was it ok to look at? I jumped and screamed. My brother Toby said it wasn’t bad however I didn’t trust him because of all those things he does to me. I asked my sister Jenny if it was good and she said No I trust her more than Toby! I grabbed the bag and hit it on the floor I hope it died!

Brooke’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find a baby zebra in the sack. He said, “You are so cute, we need to get more of these animals”. Then after 30 minutes, The Lord of Nulth lifted the baby zebra again and the baby zebra bit him and urinated on him. The Lord of Nulth was furious and told his robotic guards to go and kill the rest of the baby zebras and all of the other animals that were still alive. The robotic guards said, “Yes!” and walked off. When the robotic guards opened the doors a baby spider come inside. After the robotic guards left, the baby spider bit The Lord of Nulth and the Lord of Nulth was allergic to spiders that he died straight away. Also he had no one around to help him.

Will C’s 100WC

The Lord of Lof was a very scary man. He had robot spiders to kill everything in the world. One day he got one robot spider to go and kill anything he could find. 2 hours later the robot spider came back saying there was nothing to kill. Suddenly the lord of lof looked around and realised.  That he had killed everything. It was now pointless. Nothing to do. He realised what he had done. “You have been good helpers”. He said to the robot spiders and walked of. The next day the spiders found him dead on the beach.

Riley’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find one of the wizard of the Wests little minions curled up like a ball. The minion was a small white creature with a great ball of colourful hair on its head. The minion shivered as the Lord of the North gave him a great big look down, he was disgusted to see something that had imagination running through its mind. ‘I, I thought I had destroyed every last one of you’ the lord said in a shocked voice. The minion lay on the ground with his eyes closed, he knew this would be the end.

Georgie’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find………..a girl. He took her out of the bag and then got his robotic guards to take her to the dungeon. She tried to get away so she kicked and scratched and jerked around but they were too strong compared to her. She was locked up and Lord of Nulth told her she would stay there for ever and ever. She cried but she had to pull it tighter if she wanted to get out of there alive. When the guard was switched off and they were all asleep, she just left leaving no traces behind.


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