November 20

Mickey’s 100 WC

He was shocked to find an empty bag. He reached his hand down in confusion, with the guards looking worried. He turned the bag over and notices a very large hole underneath the bag. He stares into the distance watching a little baby joey hopping down the street. “That’s impossible!” The Lord said. “But you can imagine it,” said one of the guards. The Lord glares at him as and tells them that won’t happen as he declared a war. To his surprise the darkness lifts from the sky. The Lord stands there in shock watching everything change back again.

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1 thoughts on “Mickey’s 100 WC

  1. Carole (Team 100) UK

    Ooh! I like the idea of there being nothing there and picturing the shock on his face. I also like the way you said ‘reached his hand down in confusion,’. You should try to keep the tense consistent as your story moves from past to present tense. e.g. reached/notices.

    Well done for thinking creatively, Jacob.


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