November 19

Jacob T’s 100WC

When he opened the bag he was shocked to find a bag of sand and a voice recorder. He has been tricked by the robots. The robots shoved the man in the bag. They did this because they were badly treated and didn’t like doing their job. The robots did what he would do to the prisoners. Make sure they can’t get out and torture them. So that’s what they did first they kicked him and then punched him. Then hit him then cut him. Then hit with a car and then the worst of all threw him off the pier.

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1 thoughts on “Jacob T’s 100WC

  1. Mr Morris (Team 100WC)

    Well I certainly didn’t expect that, Jacob! You definitely took me by surprise.
    Well done for coming up with an original and interesting story idea.
    Next time, see if you can use some different sentence openers: try starting a sentence with an adverb or a verb.
    Keep up the good work.


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