November 19

Jacob C’s 100WC

He was shocked to find a young boy at his feet. The boy stared for a while, then he bolted, he ran as fast as he could. The lord’s guards fumbled and tripped over leaving the boy to run. “You stupid, insolent things, after him now!” The lord happily watched as his guards grabbed the boy, he let out a laugh that could be heard for miles, he was happy knowing his deed was done, imagination was gone and nothing could bring it back, ‘although’ he thought, there might be more like that boy, he was sure it wasn’t over.

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1 thoughts on “Jacob C’s 100WC

  1. 100wc

    Great job! You are very creative writer, and it looks like you had fun with this week’s prompt! I hope that I get to read more of your work!
    Keep writing and have fun!
    Mrs. C 100wc


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