November 19

Gee’s 100WC

He was shocked to find an empty sack, opened before him. Glancing up, he whined in agony, “Whaaaaaaaat?” The Lord of Nulth lugged the sack towards his robotic guards with an astonished face. Slipping his hand through the rounded sack, The Lord of Nulth turned into a menace with his severe change of mood. He stomped past his army, scrambling in and out of the darkness in search for the missing animal. The ground rumbled beneath us, as if he was going to start an earthquake with the force of his feet. “Whe- Wha- How- Ah…” he exclaimed in bewilderment.

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1 thoughts on “Gee’s 100WC

  1. Miss Coleman (Team 100)

    Well done Gee. I really enjoyed this. You have used some very good descriptive language – especially your powerful verbs. Remember that speech should go on a new line. Well done and I look forward to reading more of your entries. Miss Coleman (Team 100)


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